CvS2: Move to PS2 or XBOX

Assuming that the joystick problem on DC is permanant (and the fact that there’s zero possibility of sega supporting a dead system in a country it barely cares about), we should start having our discussion about where to go from here.

Pros of PS2:

  • More people have PS2s
  • Controllers are easier to find and 100% compatible
  • It’s more like the DC version

Pros of XBOX:

  • Online Play
  • You can convert DC controllers to xbox, not to ps2 (that i know of)
  • A legal version without online play is less than 10 dollars
  • It’s not like the DC version


Asside from what you’ve mentioned, are there any major differences between PS2 and DC? If it’s practically the same and said differences are reasonably maneagable to adjust to, I say go with PS2.

honestly, the dc version is the only version that is considered a true version of cvs2 by the community, even though the timing is a little different then the arcade. The ps2 version feels, sounds, and looks funky and the xbox version is a different game. DC’s don’t really blink much with cvs2 when compared to marvel for some reason so i’d be totally fine with sticking with dreamcasts for cvs2… if not, i think 6 arcade cabinets should be set up for cvs2 only but not the other games… I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find 6 donors for cabinets as opposed to however many we had 2 years ago for all the games. We’ve run many many tournaments on dc cvs2 over the past 2 years and we hardly ever get complaints about it, but marvel people bitch left and right over sticks blinking out. so yeah… i think we should leave cvs2 on dc or move to arcade. marvel should be changed to xbox (haven’t played xbox version yet but the ps2 version is shitty). uh… i had more to say but forgot…


Xbox CvS2 shouldn’t even be a consideration. It’s like marvel with no Sentinel and no triangle jumps. I’ve only played the ps2 CvS2 a couple of times, but it felt like the same game to me. Only difference I could see was that the resolution was slightly higher, but it makes everything look kinda flickery.

CVS2 on xbox should never ever be considered for a major tourney. No RC’s and “scrub cancels” kill the game. I’d definitely go ps2 if they can’t do the dc next year.

I just wanted to bump this up to see if there was any new information on this topic, specifically whether there are problems with the ps2 version, or whether people just have heard rumors of it.

Someone tell me the exact differences between the DC, Arcade and home Xbox versions.
I used to play the DC version but I now play the xbox version. To be honest I don’t notice any difference. It sounds to me like people are hating on the Xbox version because of the lack of roll cancels. Heck, I would be annoyed too if I spent a lot of time learning RCs only to hear that they’re not in the Xbox version. Luckily, I’ve never bothered to learn RCs. Anyway, surley the proper way to play the game is how the makers want it to be played. RCs were obviously a bug that they didn’t smooth out. I see the different versions of CvS2 as a progression, witht the Xbox version being the final stage of evolution.

whenever i play cvs2 on ps2 vs. dreamcast, it seems like the game is faster on the ps2. has anyone else noticed this?

edit: all options on default, of course.

I have indeed. However I have noticed it being SLOWER on PS2 IIRC lol, but yeh there was deffinatly a speed difference.

How does the GCN version compare? I have that version (don’t worry about controllers, I’ve got a good arcade stick), and I want to know exactly what’s different about it from the arcade version, considering I’ve never played it (the arcade scene around here is terrible … no CvS1/2, no SF, only Marvel vs. games and shooters).