CVS2, MVC2, 3rd strike and Super Smash bros melee tourney!

Games on the consoles
CVS2 - PS2
(this should let you know what joystick you need to bring for what console)

This is a D-pad and Joystick conversion tournament!

location: 1121 terrace ave
Vacaville, Ca 95687 (my garage)
CELL NUMBER: 707-450-6227 MIKEL!

Entry fee:
$5 for each category of game

Starting date:(Saturday)May 19, 2007

Sign ups:
Sign ups will begin at 1pm until 3pm

Cash prize:
60 - 30 - 10
Remember to bring your joysticks because I don’t have enough for every console!

hope you guys can make it, and good luck to all!

ill check this out.

Any other news on this yet?

i will be posting the location soon, it will most likely be at the vacaville community center, i already talked to the members of the community center and they said that they will give me an estimate total of how much i have to pay to rent out a room over there! just keep checking my results, i will post the location very soon! just keep checking! thanks for asking!

you should put in third strike also if your going to have mvc2 and cvs2.

well if you think i should have 3rd strike, then you could expect it to be there! thanks for the input dude!

Street Fighter 3rd Strike will now be featured in the tournament!

same day as tekken major

might go for smash ?

going for smash huh! well you could expect some pretty good people to show up for that #reload! lookin forward to having you show up!

you better hope its not ps2 dpad for marvel :slight_smile: then again i havent touched a ps2 dpad in over a year

the marvel vs capcom 2 is gonna be on the dream cast, but i don’t have a joystick for the dream cast that’s why im asking some people to provide their own and bring it to the tournament! if they have any!

not sure what 's going down in vacaville but your turn out will be low due to the turny in sunnyvale. good luck!!!

well it’s all right! this is afterall my first tournament that im throwing! but if i have to move to a different day i might do it just so that there is’nt a tournament on the same day as everyone elses! so i’ll see what’s up!

like who ?

well lets see, some people from fairfield told me i should put SMASH in the tourney! and that they have alot of people that play that game! it’s just that no one throws tournaments for those! so they suggested that i should put it in! well anyways, i heard they were really good players! but we’ll just have to wait and see what kinda crowd will be there right? i hope everything turns out well!

new information will arrive this wednesday or thursday about the location!

hmm smash…time to bring out the ganondorf smash >:3

information about location will be posted wendsday!

sorry for beating around the bush people! but i finally posted the location! see ya guys!