Cvs2: Need Counter teams


Iam having a very ruff time playing Sagat,Vega,Rolento/Blanka .This
guy is trash talking the whole match ! I want to beat him to a pulp
so any help will do. I play C ,A, K grvs ,My main team I play is
Rugal ,Kyo,Blanka. But I also play Sim,E.Honda,Chun-li,Cammy,
Eagle,Gesse,Yama,Aethna ,Balrog
He is mostly crossing me up with a roll then , w/Sagat then a tigerpunch ,
Rolento, into a corner ,Vega ,lvl 3 super , etc. He is very
aggresive ,And likes to run in alot and he only plays N grv .I know he was having a hard
time w/Geese ,Yama/who he hates . So like I said ,anything will
help so,I can make him shut up! thanks


Don’t let him roll on you. If he’s rolling, u need to start throwing him out of it. To be honest, Rugal and Kyo don’t really flat out beat anyone, they are skill characters. The key is to stay really mobile and don’t get intimidated into turtiling. Be solid with your AA.


So who do you suggest I start useing ? I like to play keepaway,
But I also like to play rushdown and mindgames also.


i suggest u use sagat for starters, after using him, u’ll see how much whoop ass he does. if u want to counter his sagat, chun li is a sagat counter


Iori is also a good character to start off with… his throw has good priority, and his basic combo is Fp (headbutt) and then qcbP X3. This does massive damage. His dp is also good, and sweep has very good range. And do his level 3 super (qcf, hcbP) when he throws a fireball, goes right through. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blanka is also dam good in ratio 2…

hope this helps



use your head when you play. play smarter.

roll = throw
fireball = (kgroove)JD, (C and A grooves) roll cancel something, especially if you have blanka.

if he starts to run, u gotta work on his guard meter, u don’t have to, but it is what i do, and you will land some random hits in while doing it, juss use your head and play careful


if his main offense with Sagat is a roll into Tiger Uppercut, you probably really just need to work on your skills, not new characters.

a good place to start is to pick easy “1 button” characters that will piss him off. Why don’t you give Athena/Haohmaru/Sagat a try. just cr. fierce with athena, Vega’s level 3 misses that. And she can out cr. fierce sagat. Also if you can start blocking those Tiger Uppercuts you’ll have a free shot at big damage with Haohmaru with just a simple standing HP. You can use your meter with Sagat since he has easy combos like HP xx any super.

Anyway, just do that until you progress further as a player. it’ll get you by people whose main form of attack is rolling.


I play a mixed K groove with turtle/counters with vega, rock, or geese and aggressive attack with bison and sometimes with vega. A tech counter team won’t beat a guy that likes to attack attack attack because after maybe twice, they will start to empty jump and throw your ass. U can still use Yama and geese, but don’t depend on their counter moves too win.

I find that a good bison can usually kick Sagat’s and blanka’s asses, well for me anyways. And when he rolls, just sweep or throw him, rolling has no priorty over sweeps and throws. And when he tiger uppercuts, run up to him and throw him right when he lands. And when u get his sagat on the ground, never jab before he gets up, rising moves like uppercuts win out everytime. Either wait then jab, or do a jump kick/punch. But if u are fighting vega, blanka, or rolento, rush his ass down, keep the jab on him and don’t let him regroup, keep those characters on the defensive when u can.

Oh, if u are rugal, throw a rupuken. If this guy rolls as much as i think that u made him out to, then after he rolls it, give him a rugal bomb, then the kick super. Super cancel it if u happen to be in C, you know, the rugal bomb, then a level 2 kick super, eye beam wp, then level 1 kick super. (although that people at my arcade never roll a fireball, people here know that rolling gets u punished if u abuse it)

Oh, and if u are honda, then u should be able to easily kill his vega and rolento. They spend a lot of time in the air and hondas wp headbutt has mind boggling priorty over all air attacks. If u can keep then grounded, then vega and rolento become worthless and ehonda is a fat fuck fiend as ground turtler, or even a rusher if u dare.

P.S. Use BISON, he is pretty easy to use, pretty damn powerful and paintin the fence kicks ass in the ass. He can rushdown like crazy and turtles like a fuck too. I say Bison all the way for your style of play. I keep my bison on ratio 1 (sometimes 2, but i feel more comforable with a 1 bison then a 1 vega, vega is my usual 2) and i can still dominate a game with just him.


if vega’s giving you problems, play bison in any groove. bison’s ground pressure owns vega. vega’s just forced to block the entire match.


Balrog owns Sagat,

Bison is good against Vega

In general though the best counter for another high end character is another one, so picking Sagat or Blanka on your own team won’t hurt.

From the characters you gave that you use, Chun-li, and Cammy are very good. Yama is good to, he doesn’t have that hard of a time against Sagat or Blanka, I don’t know how he matches up against Rolento though.



yea even ryu the simplest character owns almost everything like rushing just throw fireballs people like vega uppercut with lp and his uppercut is invincible if timed right another good character against rolling is zangief



that spent a whole lot of space to say nothing.

if you’re unwilling to learn a new character, cammy fairs pretty well against vega. Vega’s only effective when he’s capable of controlling the pace of the match with his speed and range. His problem is, he can’t do anything if someone else rushes him down and sits on his neck the entire round. Once you get ‘in’ on vega, you’re pretty much gonna be ‘in’ for the entire match.

If he’s rolling, the simplest answer is to throw. If not, and you know he’s gonna DP you after the roll, why don’t you roll yourself and get a free combo?

Balrog does pretty well against sagat if you’re able to maintain the pressure. Reason being, s.fp with Balrog hits crouching sagat. Once you get Sagat in the corner, nothing short of a psychic dp’s gonna get him out of it. Just make sure you keep your range right, since s.fp for rog outdistances c.fp for sagat.


…If you’re letting him ROLL past you…you need to rethink a lot of stuff…

If he rolls, either throw him, super him, or custom him when he gets out of the roll.


i think mai counters sagat well. and cammy does well against vega.



well to tell you the truth i know every damn character and i dont have problems with these situations and just bc ryu is old and over used doesnt mean he isnt good some of the best players like alex valle uses ryu



hey dude you got to try K groove mai,blanka,vega,sagat,yamazaki
:slight_smile: well mai is pretty easy to play all you got to do is annoy the shit out of ure opponent by…

throw fans, if he jumps over them press hp.
throw lp fans then run towards him and start poking his ass
if he is crouching jump in hk,hold down hp,qcfhp, thats like a
litle 3-4 hitter :lol: .

mai super is very easy to connect just jump in hk ,lk,lk, qcb,qcf lk
thats a 12 hitter in k groove…

or jump in hk right away press qcb,qcb hk then you do an air super 6-9 hits…
and abuse the fack she can jump of corners.!! :stuck_out_tongue:

try her out then comment me in the midwest furums…:lol:



I’d say use Balrog…Sagat…Mai or Blanka to counter team…Use some of his own shit against him…On his Sagat use Balrog…On Vega…use Blanka or Sagat…Mai u can use on anyone I swear she’s too good…




know this sagat is a fucking bitch.:smiley: hahahahah

to much priorities.:bluu:


Yeah I know Sagat has been screwing my game up …big time
And Vega ,I dont know his does his Wall dive I block the right
way ,but I end up taking the hit anyway .You think it’s from the
2 player Glitch?


And thanks to everyone who helped me:cool: