CvS2 Nor Cal footage for sale at EvO2k3


I will be bringing a compilation of tourney footage that I have collected over time (through various sources) feat. Buktooth,Choiboy,Ricky,Myself,and many others…CD’s will be packed with great stuff all for $10…so who wants a copies??? Post here and let me know so I can bring enough…


P.S- All S groovers get it!!!


i’ll buy one. how will i find you?


Easy to find me…I’ll be a black dude wearing dope sunglasses all the time and rolling with hella friends…I sport diamond earrings and some fresh Jordans…Holla back!!!


Or just ask around I got madd peeps there…


hey Ill get one of them
whats the format of the CD?
will it be a cd or a dvd?
and give or take, how many matches/min. are on the cd?
btw, thanks for making this kinda stuff available, it will be neat for the memories.


No prob Josh P…Im gonna pack as much on to the CD as I can well over 20 matches…and some are 2/3 and what not…I have compiled this footage from most of last year and this year…so just find me at EvO…its not like we dont know each other…take care…see u guys there!!! And the format will be media player of course…



lol, sounds good dr. b

we gotta play at evo, i’d like to see how good your S groove is:cool:


Uh, selling anything at Evo without authorization is a no, no. Dr. B, find me on Thursday at Evo if you want to sell those CDs.


Dr. B, if this gets all wacky and crazy, I can just meet you at yer hotel or some other place in order to not get the canon’s in a hussle --> in other words, keepin it legit and not treading on the Cannon’s domain.

Whatever happens, thanks for at least offering your match selection, I see people recording stuff all the time, and in the end it just sits in their houses and few within the mass community are able to procure/watch them --> talk about a waste of tape.


On that note Mr.Cannon I will sell them outside Evolution…I didnt mean to cut in on your profits…So everyone hit me up on the out skirts to get a cd…thanks…



hey B, um…
i’m not sure what vids you’re putting on these cd’s, but if they’re the matches i burned for u that’s pretty wack
i’ve been burning people copies of norcal tourneys for the past few months now, and i haven’t charged them anything as long as they gimme cd’s to burn with (and i’ve even burned a few without askin for a cd in return)
the only reason why i haven’t sold any of the footage (and I have actually thought about it…), is because i wouldn’t know if it would be right makin money off of mostly other people playing at tournies.
and, in the case that you are using my footage, you’re basically making money off stuff I’m recording…
i guess i can’t really do anything to stop this (and i wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not you really go on with it), but whatever…
i guess u can do whatever u want with the stuff u already have…

i think i’ve seen u playing in a few svgl tournies so i’m prolly one of the guys you see recording stuff all the time…
in my defense, i DO distro the footage to people who ask me…
yeah, it might only be with a few in the mass community, but then again, how many people have asked me?
with the last svgl tourney, I was the one who supplied kim with the cvs2 footage and he put it up on
i actually sent him quite a few other matches, but he hasn’t put them up yet.
i DON’T have webspace to put these up on my own, and i don’t wanna bother with random people who offer to host matches (how do i even know they’re legit?)
i’ve recently tried fserving ALL my vids, but there seems to be some problems with me serving stuff on MIRC
on a different note
i practically bought my camcorder for the sole purpose of recording stuff for EVO and some of the tournies leading up to it…
i’ve spent prolly $600+ on all the stuff combined and haven’t made a penny for all the footage

i hope i’m not sounding like an ass or a hella shady person for this post, but i just want people to know where i’m comin from

again, if docB ISN’T using any footage that originally came from me (which is pretty doubtful, since i’m the only one whose been recording at the recent svgl and ALL the ucb weeklies), then this post is pointless, and i’ll apologize for sounding off.



To Keith and all…:

Im posting old matches from the Tourneys at Gameroom when it was stilll open in Sac…And Im putting in footage of my matches from EvL last year…casual play Dreamcast footage that was recorded…USF play…and some of MY matches from UCB which I have the right to do since its me playing…Im not at all trying to take your footage and make profit…and if you want a cut since you did record MY matches at UCB I’ll be glad to work something out…
Im trying to get some footage out to peeps who havent seen me and my friends play…thank you…


See u at Evo!!!


Oh, so you’re selling some of my footage, not Keith’s. I don’t care if you’re selling them in the building or outside, it’s the same thing to me. You’re exploiting the audience that EVO is generating to make a profit, you apparently don’t want to share that profit with SRK, and SRK is taking a big loss to hold the tournament in the first place.

So, to repeat, no you cannot sell those CDs to Evo attendants. You can’t sell CDs with Evo footage on them ever.

If you’re at Evo and Dr. B tries to sell you a CD, keep in mind that buying one WILL contribute to the death of this site and future Evo tournaments.

Character Specific Combos

Inkblot check the Bearcade thread please…

“I will gladly give some proceeds to SRK and or Keith but the rest is on me…and alot of it is compiled footage of ME…thank you…”




On second thought…nevermind…I’ll just keep my footage…and after Evo if anyone wants it just E-mail me or AIM me…it will stop all of the arguing…and I just want a fun and memorable time at Evolution…Sorry to SRK staff and players…



Ok cool. If you want to give away CDs or sell them for the cost of burning (like a buck or whatever), I’m totally fine with it.

I just have to be a complete hard ass on the selling at EVO thing, because I think it’s literally the difference between SRK and no SRK. No hard feelings.