CvS2 Note

OK I know that this would go in the CvS2 strategy section, but that place is dead.

random note----> kyo’s s.rh beats blanka’s c.fp o_O

Any of you guys see any mid tier characters with pokes that punish top tier?

More thoughts would be apprieciated.:slight_smile:

c. MP (with the shotos and others) beats Cammy’s c.HK.


a lot of things beat blankas c.fp, that was kind of a worthless post. This still belongs in the cvs2 section though, just follow the rules.

kyos beats sagats s.fierce

Raiden’s standing Strong beats Sagat’s ducking Fierce and Cammy’s standing Roundhouse.

something to remember

Who in their right mind is going to pick Raiden against cammy or sagat. If you’re stuck in that position, don’t forget. But please, don’t pick raiden as anti CBS.


you could just be a guy who likes to use raiden?

caliagent#3 :great sig, haha