CVS2 Offical Japanese Guide Books 4 sale (LAST ONE)


[COLOR=“Yellow”]ONE LEFT… This is my last one. Thanks to everyone who already bought one.[/COLOR]

I can’t beleive how fast I sold the lot of them. After this there is no more…


I was able to get them used from Japan. They are in good overall condition.

The end are slighty rounded and some corners slightly bent. Each one is in slightly differnent shape. But overall pretty good shape considering they are 6 years old. All are very readable and usable. Pictures Posted Below…

I am not trying to make a profit off of these and will be selling them a little over my cost of ~5000 Yen (or about $45 USD). I can provide proof of cost if anyone needs it.

If your not familur with the book, it offers frame data, CC data, hit box data, and every possible bit of info on CVS2.

I will be selling them on a first come first serve basis.

The total cost will be:

**$70 **

This equals covers my costs of:

[]the book ($45)
]Materials ($1)
[]Prioity Shipping and Delivery Conformation ($12… )
(Yes it costs that much, it is a heavy book 575 pages and 2.2 lbs)
]and my time ($12)

This is a deal.

As I said I am not Ebaying them for a big profit or trying to make much of of the sale.

My time is worth more than $12.

I am trying to give back to the SRK community. You guy have all helped me out at one point or another :tup:

If you want a book:

[]You will PM me.
]I will pm you.
[]We will work out a payment option. (PayPal or Check)
]I will ship the book USPS priority mail as soon a payment is recieved.

I have attached a photo of the WORST book of the bunch. This means you will get a book in this condition or better.

There will be other pictures in two other posts…

pic 2

Pic 3

If its anything like the SFAC strategy guide, it’d be worth getting,

PM sent!

Sold :tup:

pm sent

pm sent

SOLD! thanks :china:

Sold! :tup:


if it wasnt 70$ i might get it… jesus thats expensive >_< i still might consider it though

isnt this book already like… on the internet somewhere?

Dude read my entire post, it says why it is that much.

I importred it from japan. You have to pay for shipping, and I slapped on 12 bucks for my time…

How much would you think it was going to cost? It cost me like 5000 yen just to get the thing from japan.

The books are really hard to get in the USA.

If you can’t understand why it is that much, then it might not be a good thing for you to buy. :tup:

I just sold grip of them to ppl who understand that is actually a good deal.

being a college student strapped for money is more the reason, not a misunderstanding as of “why it is that much.”

Ahh got ya! Yeah dude… been there. Good luck! I was on the five year plan :wink:… LOL that was a long time ago…