CVS2 online using PCSX2 or nulldc

Did anyone tried this ? Does it works, will it works eventually and if so , when ?

Someone make this shit happen that would be so fucking nice.



dreamcast emu/nulldc thing is garbage. you cant combo anything into anything OFFLINE. forget about playing in lag. wait for FBA to port cvs2 with GGPO support. I dunno about the ps2 emu though…I can check it out.

Maybe i’m not totally up to date with that, but AFAIK Naomi emulation is far away to be effective. Most of the GD-Rom haven’t been yet dumped.
But, who knows, CPS3 came from near nowhere so…

It’s not impossible to do but this is not likely to happen.

the nulldc naomi emulator plays cvs2 full speed with minimal issues

DC, not Naomi…

Ponder already said he would add it once emulation is 100%, and they already have near full speed cvs2 and MvCs iirc.

I was referring to naomi being ported to FBA.

edit: and “FBA devs port naomi with GGPO support…” Funniest thing ever. They haven’t even bothered to fix their kaillera implementation. Even its last netplay update was copied from gens which has broken netplay.

Naomi wont be added to ggpo before a naomi emulator other than mame becomes open source. From how things stand now, the emulator that is most likely to become open source first is nulldc.

The long ass method to set that crap up just turns people away. They want simplicity.