CVS2 Orlando, Florida - Jan 31

1 Alex Jebailey - Guiness
2 Christian Paw - Shafted
3 Rick Stalvey - Shinma-Sama
4 Dwayne Schultz - Enk!ndu
5 Leland Miller - Shocky 2
5 Carlos Bailey - Soulblade 136
7 Marty Jackson
7 Chris Reardon - Gouki something
9 Nathan Jackson
9 Anthony Wright - Adam Warlock
9 Brian Graham - Mummy-B
9 Carlos Pearman - Hiko
13 Bye
13 Daniel Reardon - something
13 Samuel Montanvo
13 Phillip Staten

Overall it was a decent turnout, Trent didn’t enter because alex paid him not to, go figure…

Highlights include Rick Fucking Stalvey taking alex’s money in MVC2, maybe a video of him gloating coming soon…

… i’d like to thank everyone who came, 'specially Mummy-B who drove all the way from G-ville.

Apex points coming soon, as i am too tired to post more or do anything.

Good fuckin’ games Chris. I should not have won the first one, seriously. You are too good at RC’ing and beasting me man.:eek:

With the recent crush to my pride I can say that North Carolina betta watch out next weekend! NICE!!

I had a great time man even though I felt like shit for a while!! A big shot out to Mummy-B for commin all that way, Ill see ya next weekend bro!!! I would also like to thank Jinomen aka SoulBlade136 for comin out, I didnt expect to see you there!!, for tholse of u who dont know him he is a XBLive G!! Good Shit man!!:cool:

Chris my Apex Name is spelled like this exactly!! Shinma_sama Rick Stalvey lol I never get any apex points cause ppl cant spell either of my names right:mad: Maybe I should try to find my old shinma accout :lol: If u think about it try to fix it, if not its cool Im used to it :frowning:

OK I had to re-register my old account. Chris please apex me under this name:) thanx

Yeah, A Kyo/Mai/King was doing really well that one match after I already lost one game.

… then i forgot that winner keeps the same team… FUCK

A-Groove King: low tier at its finest.

hahaha. fag.

my a mai > your a mai

Eat a Dick!!!

I may of lost one dollar to Rick, But I did Take Anthony’s 5 bucks in Marvel.
And Mummy-B thanks for coming buddy, glad to see you’re doing alright. And hey Trent didn’t enter so he could focus losing in Smash.

I’m getting my damn revenge at the next tourney…:frowning:

I had an asswhoopin waiting for you too, why didn’t you accept that? Bitch.

lol, and the fact that he got some of the pot without doing any work.

CVS2 started once SSBM was over, just fyi, so what would that matter?

im gonna apex this tomorrow, im lazy and tired.