How many Off The Ground moves are there in CvS2?

I know Kyo can do it with his ground pound thing at the end of his rekka’s.

You can OTG throw Dan+Rolento during CC mode.

I think Yama can OTG with his axekick stomp move. I did it before, but I can’t really remember how I set it up. :frowning:

Are there any more?

Mr. Yamazaki can’t OTG with stomp kick.

Yes he can.
U can do it after u do the hcb x2+p super in the corner.

ahh! That’s must’ve been how I did it! :slight_smile:

Can it only be done after that super i wonder?

Yes, unless u cancel something with quick recovery, then cancel that into the kick before that last hit(the purple thing)…otherwise that last hit will send ur opponent across the screen.

Purple thing? Sorry, you lost me… :confused:

How about in CC mode? Could I bounce them up real high in the corner with something, and then OTG with the stomp? Maybe even continue the CC like Kyo?

When u do the lvl 2 super the last hit when charged, his fist turns purple.

To continue …i have no idea.

In that case, if Yama can OTG with a stomp kick off level 2, Sagat can OTG with a tiger uppercut off level 2!!!11111111111111111111111one

lvl2 cancels are not the same as OTG moves. Wtf are you people talking about? I’m totally lost.

Ok it’s like this
This guy said, Yamazaki can OTG by cancelling his L2 super into the stomp kick. But then everyone can see that’s not an OTG, it’s simply a super cancel which resets the juggling properties so the stomp kick can hit.

So to make fun of him I said Sagat can OTG with his tiger uppercut! Ha ha ha! Pretty funny huh? huh…

ok it wasn’t funny. So sue me.

Wow, u made fun of me. You win a fucking prize.

You can do the same type of bullshit with Kyo.
lvl 2 qcb, hcf+strong…cancel into that OTG punch iirc.

So please STFU.

you can do that with level 3 kyo move too. And also after his a groove combo.

Yes best looking combo ever…
jump in fk… standing FK… qcf+fk2… dpmk…level 3 QCB,hcf+p hold… get them burning…then let go… qcf+lp,hcb+lp,lp…BAM! Then hcb+p to… run up on their ass=OWNED. :lol:.

Actually, I think you’re both right.

It is a lvl2 cancel i think, but it is also an OTG. The opponent lands first, and you catch them as they bounce. I tried messing with it and could only do it after the super grab. I couldn’t lvl2 cancel it after the qcfx2 super. Maybe it’s only meant as an ender for lvl2 grab super? :slight_smile: I don’t see capcom being that specific, i dunno.

During CC, I could sweep x stomp. But in this case it acted as anti-air and stomped them down right before they landed. I couldn’t get it after the bounce. Also couldn’t continue the CC like Kyo. :confused:

You can’t do that because they fall to the ground before the stomp hits.

Whereas, the grab super hits them higher, so the stomp hits them before they fall to the ground.

Anyway Pokesyou is super smart because he can’t differentiate Kyo being able to OTG after a super (which he can do with a L3, because it hits OTG) and Yamazaki hitting with a super cancel (which he can do by cancelling a L2, which resets juggle).

So I won’t argue with this super smart guy! And super smart Pokesyou guy is 100% right and you should believe whatever he says. You are right! You are correct and I’m wrong! I don’t know what I’m talking about! Yep, you win. The smartie is you! You’re brainiac guy! Like, whatever you say is intelligent and it all makes sense! And you really know how the CvS2 system works! And you know all about OTGs and level 2 cancels! And you are obviously right about this! Because you’re super smart! Like so smart that whatever you say is right! Like not just right, it’s COMPLETELY right! You are so right man. I’m sorry I made fun of you. Like seriously, I’m so sorry, because I was totally wrong and you were totally right! Right, right, right, right, right! You were super right! I’m like really apologizing because I feel so bad, because I was wrong and you were right! And you know how they have the Rightest Right World Championships, and man if you entered, you’d win first place! Because you’re like the rightest person in the world because you’re super right! Yeah, you know everything, and you’re always right, like here when you say Yamazaki can OTG with a stomp kick, you’re right again! You’re right about that! Yep, you got that right! That’s a great job man, you were totally right! Like totally!

Damn Burghy stomp being an ass kakaka :lol: Burghy is right though.


You know that reminds me

Been playing some Texas Hold’em. Can you imagine what CvS2 players would be like playing them? I’d fold a few hands in a row and they’d be like “stop turtling man! That’s so boring!! Why don’t you try playing for skill for once and rushing down?!”

Then I’d just ignore them and keep on crouch fiercing them with pocket aces

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