CVS2: P-Groove/K-Groove madness

Back in the day I wasn’t really into the fighting game scene, I just played a LOT by my self and thought I was hardcore. I remember reading Tournament results in Tips and Tricks though and seeing Justin Wong and Alex Valle and Afrelegends and John Choi’s names all the time.
Anyway I played CVS2 a lot, but found it really really hard to parry compared to third strike. I found it not very feasible to level up with P groove.
Now I’m into the scene and looking back I have to wonder: did any player excel at P or K groove to the point where they were Daigo Style parrying supers or Just-Defending everything? Are there videos?
I remember SK|Sonic (on Alpha-ism) talking about a guy playing as Rock who seemed godlike because he could Parry everything, any videos of this person whoever he is?

there are videos of some crazy shit but i dont recall anything specific but anyways i will bump your thread so more people will see it and you can find that crazy shit?

First names in America that come to mind for both grooves are VDO for P and Combofiend for K.

er I don’t think you read afrolegends name in tips and tricks. he came onto the scene well after DreamTR stopped working for them and he was the only one really doing any tournament sections in the magazine.

Maybe you mean afrocole?

Makoto and Sakamoto for JPN P Groove. OTK, Deshitgitsune, and others are really good in K.

Don’t forget Steve Harrison for P groove.

Yeah… VDO is that dude, but Steve H was, without question, the best P-Groove in the country at the end of the day… maybe the world.

I feel so lucky to have been at final round 2008. Finals between Steve H. and Buktooth were freaking amazing. I was like 10 feet away when Steve hulked his shirt off after beating Justin too, lol.

I was maybe less lucky to run into VDO in winners though. P is really hard to deal with if you don’t have much experience against it. Getting raped by team random P was a bit demoralizing. Good experience though, I guess.

Anyway, OP, if you can find any final round 2008 top 8 matches floating around online, both Steve H. and VDO made top 8. You’ll see some good shit.

lifetimeboy was a GOOD pgroover too.

“bouya” ocved john choi with p-rolento.

check youtube for both :tup:

imo, no one can be compared to makoto. dude put kyo and P groove on the map at the same time

Gee-O was the top player in SoCal for a long time using P-Groove. I dunno if there are videos about, but I can say from first hand experience that he was one of those guys that could parry entire supers in a competitive match.

Nevertheless, Makoto § and Ino (K) were very proficient at that sort of thing. Look up the EVO 2k3 grand finals (Ino vs Daigo). There are many awesome moments in that set.