CvS2 pad players

do any of you here play on a Ps2 controller or other game pad? I know a joystick is better, and i personally prefer them. but frankly, buying one right now is out of the question.

i’m somewhat of a newbie to the game. but i seriously love playing it, and i’m beginning to rise in skill in my own scene (what ever that means in new mexico)
i’m still fairly scrubby, but i’ve been practicing and uping my game all the time, i read, watch vids, learn combos, all that. and i want to learn these movesets before evo west

anyways i was wondering if any of you can do the sho sho/paint the fence cc with a dual shock two or any other pad. how about 360’s? any advice for pulling those off? i’ve had a lot of trouble getting over these humps and was wondering if it was a just a waste of time to learn to do them on a pad. i just cannot afford a joystick right now and would like to get to an intermediate level before i go to evo

I can’t shosho or ptf left on pad. I can tick / dash / whiff something to 360 if there’s an analog stick, but I can’t running / standing / walk up 360 on pad. Forget RC electric / legs unless I change my settings, and I’m way too lazy as most pad games for me are just casuals.

Also, execution-wise, everything I do almost is down to about a 70% success rate.

I. Hate. Pad.

If you can’t afford a stick…how can you go to evo?

I started on pad for the DC…the SNK fighting pad…black with yellow buttons, looks like a Saturn controller. I took the blue version to Evo in '04…my first one…and got 9th.

Pad is definitely playable…but it is definitely more difficult to play at a top level on a pad…mainly because you’ll get tired faster using your thumb the whole time rather than your entire hand/wrist/arm for motions.

The DC pads had the advantage of not having that little gap in the center like the Playstation ones do…it makes it easier to do circular motions 'cause your thumb doesn’t get stuck in the middle. Plus, the fighting pads are set up like arcade buttons instead of the triggers on top.

Seriously, though…get a stick. It’s what you’re gonna be playing on in arcades (unless they really don’t have arcades in the Southwest…) and they’re far more reliable/durable than pads. After learning how to PTF on my pads, they were done. They got misaligned…and wobbly…so they’re not effective anymore.

I’ve had my MAS for almost 4 years, and it’s never had any performance issues. The 360 might be dying a little now, but it’s easily fixed and a minor problem. I can still do everything consistently except PTF after like 6 repetitions…but I shouldn’t be playing A anyway…

I use an xbox s pad:lovin:

I used the SFAC pad back in '05, but then I got a stick and I haven’t looked back since. Stick makes it so much easier to do things.

Look for a Tekken 5 stick, usually it’s about 30-40 dollars and you won’t regret it, just don’t play on a sanwa stick because then the T5 stick will feel like ass.

Been looking out for a stick as well. Was looking for a something that you could use for both the PS2 and PC.

Alas i think it’s still out of stock on PLAYASIA.

Damn it really.

I really grew up using pad but joysticks become more practical for a lot of reasons. RC’ing and pianoing are damn difficult for pad. (i tried it. you can get used to it but it is really awkward. Imagine kara throw in 3rd strike for starters. )

Anyway, i love playing tekken (where the combos are much lighter on the fingers than capcom games) on pad for some stupid reason. I can do that Korean back-dash with such ease and finesse. Street Fighter though is STICKS only! Haha…

Jab and Short on shoulder buttons and you can kara/rc to your heart’s content.

or jab and short on ONE button and cheat !! :looney: maybe its not cheating…I heard evo allows random button mapping like that. like you can have 1 button dash for marvel.

cvs2 is probably the last game you wanna play on pad…

Ever play Marvel?

its not that i want to play on a pad, its that i cannot afford a joystick right now.

but thanks the wiff into 360 works really well

and i’ve got friends both in vegas and in LA so i’ll be able to go to both west and world and only need to pay enterance fees

For me, since I only really started getting into sticks 1-2 years ago pads have always been great to me. You guys can’t shosho on pad? Thats like the only way I can do them consistently, only a stick I can only get like 5. The only things I have real trouble doing are things like Shun Goku Satsu, since the placement of the buttons are so off, and anything else that requires rapid button commands. Also, because of the nature of the game and pad, I can’t hold it tekken style, making things like rolls and stuff hard as well. Also, when I cut my nails, playing on a pad sorta rips the skin underneath the nails.

So for me, I’m right in the middle. For stick movements, I can fuck anyone up on the pad, but for button inputs the stick is the best way to go. But the joystick 6 button layout actually has always been the way to go, the pad or stick is what usually gets people.

my pad skills pwnt you all the time on live.

quick question for all of you, do you guys use the joystick, or the pad on your dual shock or xbox controllers?

the best pads are those that have that 6 button layout you’d see in the arcade.
Rest it against your leg and have your entire hand resting on all 6 buttons ready to go.
the 15th anniversary ones for Playstation/xbox are ok, the earlier ones Sega made I heard were golden.
There was another but I forgot the name and can’t find it, and the site I used to have a link to is down. Perhaps forever?

It’s all about the xlyarb layout (pronounced EXLEEARB)

Old school for the win - I cant even remember the button layout for a snes but I remember my button config for street fighter.


with L being strong and R being forward

After re-reading, I have deduced that the layout was:


I’ve done it on an dreamcast, xbox, and pc pad, but ps2 was harder for me to pull those off. I think you should practice on the thumb joystick.

I know it’s easier to RC and use A groove with the stick, but what other advantages does it have over playing with a PS2 controller?

Everything. With my experience, I gained alot better control of my characters in terms of manueverability and execution.

listen to this man. any time i’ve spent on a stick has improved my game drastically, i’ve been trying to get my hands on a stick now for months…

simply put you can do everything faster and with less effort. RCing on a controller is really 50/50 and further more RCing anythin besides charge moves is damn near impossible