CvS2: Parry Count


This is strictly for people who use P Groove to help each other out on how many hits, as well as possibly discussing the timing, on multi-hit moves that you need to Parry.

For instance, I don’t recall how many times to Parry a Level 3 Blanka Ball, I’m thinking just one but I’ve never been brave enough to try.


Don’t underestimate the SPEED on which you have to tap the stick to parry, sometimes you gotta machine gun rapid fire that shit or tap slow on fast moving things (like Eagle’s hcf+k thing)


Yes the blanka super is just one hit, it’s pretty easy.


P-Groove pisses me off something awful!! :mad: :mad:

It’s too difficult to parry unless your opponent is being predictable or unless its a move that you have time to notice from a mile away…and good players aren’t predictable and keep you guessing ALL the time!! :vpissed:


Most parry people only parry simple things, most of the time they option select. The only thing that a P groove player will parry most of the time is jump ins.


That is lame.

Why take the risk of an empty jump—>throw/attack when you can just anti-air?

Bah, P-Groove pisses me off! I thought that shit was powerful!

I’ll admit, P-Groove has it’s uses, but it is the weakest of all grooves IMO. I’d rather use S-Groove than P-Groove competitively.


The only person I’ve seen completely rape people with P groove is a guy from Japan, his name is Bouya, he uses uh…Rolento/Sagat/Chun-2. He looks instinctive a lot of the time, but he lands A LOT of parries, he does like parry, c.MK, pipe twirls with Rolento 34 times in a match!


How did he place at Evo? assuming this is evo that you saw this guy play at


He didn’t go.


only have to parry 2 hits of the tiger uppercut if its pretty deep i think, timing is sorta fast

for the blanka ball, you gotta tap forward, before ths super even starts

best thing to do against a p groove player that can parry the lvl 3 blanka ball, is to switch it up with the lvl3 kick super for anti air. alot tougher to parry.


Shinkuu-Hadouken: 5 hits
Haoh-Shokoken: 5 hits
Super Tiger Shot(low or high): 6 hits
Mesatsu Gou-Hadou: I believe it’s 8 hits. :eek:

Anyone know how many hits for Joe’s Screw Upper, Todo’s Super Fireball Wave, Nakoruru’s Bird Super, or Bison’s Super Psycho Crusher?


James Chen noted this WELL before I did, but I’ll put it here anyway.

Some “auto-combo”-style Supers need only one Parry (Iori), whilst with others (Ryo), you must Parry the ENTIRE thing. Unless you have the godly timing it takes to tack a move to the end of a Parry at LIGHTNING speed to pull off what would admittedly be one hell of a counter, I say just block it instead.

Unless you’re in the air, in which case start Parrying and hope your timing’s pretty damn good.

Practically speaking, though, P-Groove is too much risk for far too little return. I’m just a casual Third Strike player but I know that CvS2’s Parrying is far too ineffective in comparison for 3S players to smoothly migrate.


Bison’s psycho crusher super is 8 hits the timing to JD it is easy as hell, because all 8 hits have the same space between them, but I don’t know about the timing to parry it.
Its actually probably harder to parry a regular psycho crusher consistantly because they change from 2 to 3 hits.


imo, p groove is not all about parrying predictable moves, well it sorta is, but i use it as a shield for all of my pokes and attacks. like say vega (claw), he has so much reach with his pokes, but most times you end up trading hits with his pokes, so if you just tap foward before you attack, you eliminate most trade hits with the parry. i find this especially useful when you are trying to rush the opponent. when an opponent sees you running/dashing/jumping at you, the basic instinct would be to counter it. so they poke back, and if you just happen to attack at the same time (since everything happens so fast this happens a lot) you have that extra shield to protect you and give you the advantage. works really well against rc players who like to counter you attacks with rc’s. since your attack wont hit them, you parry it instead. i know its easier said than done, but just a simple tap before your pokes can certainly help out every once in a while.
yes, i know a lot of you already know this, but this is for those of you who believe that p groove is just for turtlers that sit back and parry all of your fireballs and jump ins.


For Todo’s super…I believe you only have to parry a few hits and the rest will pass through you, same with Bison’s Super Psycho Crusher.


For the Psycho Crusher and Wave supers, GeekBoy is right, however the exact number I am not sure. I know that for certain, the Parry count on Psycho Crusher is slightly higher (I’m thinking 6-8).

This is not a thread to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of P Groove, but I will humor it just for the sake of it.
Half of the skill in P Groove is not being able to predict something coming like you are psychic. It comes from knowing both characters so well that you can set up a situation that you can predict the Parry, like setting up a situation to use a Command Counter.
As for Parrying jump-ins, it’s a no brainer to AA it if you have the chance. So what about someone like Rock or Terry on a cross-up? If you Parry correctly, free hit. If you don’t, you end up blocking anyway. It also gives the opportunity for mind games, because if you AA AND you’re Parrying jump-ins, they won’t know when they can empty jump and when they can’t.
Most simply, P Groove is a mind game Groove that requires execution and knowledge. It also happens to be best alternative method to stop non-command throw RC moves. If you can beat your opponent is just Small Jump, Delayed Get Up, and Dash as your Groove options (or even come close to them in match), when they have 5 or 6 options as advantages with the added benefit of Roll Cancelling, who is the better player?

And besides, when did anyone start playing CvS2 because it wasn’t fun? Not everything is about winning the next tourney guys.


You can’t judge things on a hit or miss mentality, if that were the case noone would ever use more than a jab DP, ‘omg what if i don’t hit it could be a free combo’. I was going to go through it all, but you should probably read apoc’s thing on p-groove first:


sorry bout that mummy, i didnt mean to go into something else, i just saw what other people were posting and just decided to reply to them.

anyway, when you parry something that hits multiple times, is the timing between the parries always the same, or do you have to go fast then slow. like hibiki’s deadly rave type super. i noticed that the beginning is kinda fast, and then theres one hit in the middle that is very slow. do you have to time that right, or can you just go about with the same rhythm. reason being that i can only parry multiple hit moves when im in a rhythm. it makes it so much easier than just looking and pressing forward.


whoops, forgot to add.

i agree, its not always about winning. sometimes, when im being beat bad, and im in p groove, i just ask the opponent, since theyre going to win anyway, if they can just do multiple hit attacks to me, just to see if i can parry it. its funny because ill be like on the last hit, and then ill miss time it and bam! i die. then we go into who can parry the most hits. its fun.

once again, sorry for going off topic again.


Hey whats up peeps.Ive been parriyng since it as introduced in sf3:NG.Parry is something that you have stick will to the end and if you master it you will eventually get to the where you parry on reaction instead of prediction.If you guys are interested in p-groove yoooou guys should check out the SHOW DA’ PARRY thread.