CvS2: Parry Count


the timing will always be the same for parrying supers (granted, it is the same level, and same character :))

mashable supers, like the ken vertical super, will be different…
as is the morrigan darkness illusion and “deadly rave” type supers (rock, geese, hibiki) and the amount of hits will also change…

the ryu hurricane kick super, has weird timing to it, and is messed up :slight_smile:

as is the bison super psycho crusher… when he gets “half-way” through you, the parrying properties or soething change, and you have to parry the other way or something (much like the hurricane kick super)

ahhhh… atleast thats what i remember… :slight_smile:


Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion has to be the single most difficult multiple hit Parry in the game, I am pretty sure.

As far as Deadly Rave style super, in my experience, if you Parry the first couple hits, it screws up thier button hit timing in most cases. In any case, they lose initial invincibility and you can Parry -> DP/Super/other high priority move after Parrying the first hit. But if they were good enough to find a way to continue and somehow prevent retaliation, it would be hard to Parry since they can vary the timing on the hits. I think Darkness Illusion and Deadly Rave input style Supers are Anti-P Groove supers. Kinda like A Groove CCs.

Yellow S4, you have to Parry the opposite direction in a Psycho Crusher super? What like when you Parry a cross up? I was watching a video where some dude Parried a Psycho Crusher super with Shin Gouki and hit him with the Level 3 “If you move I’ll come down on your head and kill you like the pitful creature you are” super. It didn’t look like he turned around, I could be wrong though.


i hate it how people say certain things suck when their not even good at it…every groove is good if you know how to use it…in p groove your not soppose to parry everything, you have to pick your opportunities and trust me they dont have to be predictable for you to parry them…parry is more for the offence like when you jump in, i mean when i see someone jump its natural to do a dragon punch and if they parry that they will eat me for free…

the only thing bad about p groove is that the bar builds to slow…i mean you can probably get one whole bar a whole game…


mummy-b: the crusher is akward to parry, cos when it passes through you, for some reason, it gets all messed up when i parry it… err… its been awhile…
its almost like parrying a crossup…

then again, im just judging this on the fact its one of the only level3 supers in the game that i havent successfully parried
but i know for sure, up close… it feels like a crossup half way through…

i just screw around, i cant take the game serious enough, so i just end up parrying and shit :slight_smile:

and the meter CAN build fast depending on your character and play style…

vega can easily build up meter… :slight_smile:
trust me


Hate to sound like a dick here, but uh if you’re wondering how many hits so and so special/super does or how many it takes to parry it. Why not just go into training mode and adjust the settings? O_o Sounds simple enough. Instead of just assuming how many hits a special/super is.



I’m not a big P groover myself, but the easiest way I’ve found to learn the timing at hits to JD/Parry anything is to get the EX option, go to Training or verses by yourself. Set the EX for you character to “always parry/JD” and use?record the moves you have trouble with, it’s not as good as doing it yourself, but it gives you a better idea of the timing with those off the wall ones like the Darkness Illusion.


It’s tactically useful to know if you can parry stuff on reflex and know what ranges you have to parry stuff before the flash. The timing between each parry is also good to know (e.g. Todos super has rapid timing while Geeses Raging Storm is so slow that if you are close enough, you can hit him between the hits.)

Some things don’t need to be parried. DPing characters with invincibility frames like Ryu, Iori, Ken and ‘booya’-Ryo can simply DP through those fireball supers while Akuma can teleport towards his opponent and SGS them on recovery. Now of course you won’t be able to DP through everything depending on your situation but it’s good to keep this kind of stuff in mind.

The only thing that I hate about P groove is that people can still block/Super a c. forward after you have successfully Blocked…errr…Parried an air attack. In 3s you could parry an air attack and attack back with c. forward-Super. This is why I try to be cautious of which character I play that I know can really punish people after parrying an attack. Akuma, King, Rugal, and sometimes Terry have satisfied me so far.


Hell everybodys good in P groove. You should try the Simster.:smiley:
He’s fun. I can use everyone in P exept Athena,Vice,and Yamazaki. They are good too in P I just cant seem to grasp those characters.

Peace Out
Super Good

Tiger Uppercut aint shit!


Athena’s lvl3 dive super is a fucked up!!!
Its 2 forward parries 3 backwards parries
sooo gay :stuck_out_tongue:
Juss to touch on that psycho crusher backward parry crap
If the psycho crusher isnt point blank its 9parries


eagles super is also a pain to parry its speeds go up and down so much its too funny


Half the time, it’s not so simple just to know how many hits.

If opponents are just throwing supers out at you and you’re just sitting there trying to Parry them… that’s usually not the case.

Speaking of Level 3 Darkness Illusion type supers, does anyone know what happens when you Parry the first hit of Yun’s airborne Level 3? I never actually ever had that happen to me before, I wouldn’t think it’d be like Morrigan’s.


I’ve never bothered parrying and entire Psycho Crusher. I just tap forward AS SOON as I see freeze screen begin, then enter the uppercut of choice (usually shoryuken). Much easier, plus you get to tack damage onto it.

The only moves you really NEED to parry all the way through are the fireballs. Otherwise just Parry XX Whack 'em.


as far as i remember, parrying yun’s air super looks funny cause yang jumps in and out quickly, that also might be his ground kick super, i forget.

people dissing p groove again huh? oh well. i beat the best RC’er around here with p groove and one of the best players around here, period, with p groove.


parry, s fierce, s roundhouse, SA.


parry, c short, tiger raid


charge back, forward (parry), back, f + punch.

not only does it looks goddamn badass when you parry into that super art, its easy and fairly safe if you are good at parrying.


oh yeah, and learn to parry XX any super art, it stops naysayers who claim that you’ll still get hit if you parry things.


i stand corrected concerning parrying the psycho crusher :slight_smile:
its all forward parries apparently :slight_smile:

it was jumping in on a psycho crusher that had the messed up parrying. :0

thanks matt


I told u!!
U juss suck asssss At parrying :stuck_out_tongue:


My reply was not about how opponents are throwing supers at me and parrying them at random. My reply was to the people who posted assuming the number of hits of supers/specials. When they can just go into training mode and set the dummy to parry.



Ah okay. My mistake.


Todo’s Super is 3 parries… but the timing is like that one ninja girl in SF3… someone said that once. But I don’t play SF3 by much so… heh. You need computer like skills to parry it… When you see it in training mode… it’s really fast.

And why risk a parry+attack, or parry+parry etc. etc. When you can Parry, guard. Well, unless you are dying… but that’s a different story.


Cause people like showing off


actually the parry timing for todo’s super is just like Oro’s huge air fire ball super or remy SAI

why do u want to parry, guard?. its better to attrack when there is a chance. i always attrack after a parry.(when i know its one move)