CVS2 Questions

I just started playing CvS2 and need help with my team: Ryu, Hibiki, Yun.

K is my groove. Im still getting used to the Just Defend. I play third strike a lot so I end up pressing forward most of the time instead of back.

Every once in a while I play with C groove, but cant RC for shit(using xbox pad). Is roll canceling vital when using C groove?

Here are the B&B’s that I use:

Hibiki: c.LKx3, c.LPxxqcf+LP
Yun: s.LP,s.LK,s.Mpxxqcf+LP
Ryu: c.LP, c.LK, c.LP, c.HK

I also like playing with rock, kyo, terry, cammy, and sakura. Should I change my line up? Just looking for some advice to make me play a little better.

If your playing CvS2 on Xbox RCing is useless pretty much because they removed the invincibilty. Unless your just practicing it for practice-sake.

well, i practice on the xbox. how long does it take to master rc?


For the K groove team, I suggest changing Hibiki to Ratio 2. Yun is just too weak, even in K with rage to handle a Ratio 2 position.

Roll canceling isn’t needed for C groove, its just a bonus. For some characters you may need it more than others. Is also depends on who you go against.

  • C Chun vs. K Sagat: Lets say you want to bait a super from Sagat. You get up to Sagat and do cr. jab x2 while charging making it look like you’ll go for the cr. strong. You do RC spinning bird kick instead of cr. strong. So this way if the Sagat really wants to get that super out, you go through it, hit him, and he wastes a super.

The bread and butter for Ryu should be cr. jab, cr. short, cr. jab, cr. RH, jab haduken. But that depends on what characters/grooves you go against.
If you do it against C groove Sagat he can lvl 3 Tiger shot super you because when you do the cr. RH into haduken while they’re blocking, they recover before the haduken hits them and they can hit you.
A Groove anything can activate, walk through the fireball and hit you.
P groove can parry or parry xx super
S groove can dodge xx counter hit
N groove is fairly safe, except vs lvl 3 supers.
K groove can JD
Basically, if the combo doesn’t hit, do cr. forward instead of RH.
If the RH hits, do jab haduken on safe fall grooves.

K Groove Terry, Cammy, Hibiki r2 is a good team
K groove Rock, Cammy, Sagat r2
K groove Kyo, Cammy, Sagat is a K team I use. Pretty good mixups with Kyo in K.
C-Terry, Ryu, Blanka r2
C-Rock, Kyo, Cammy r2

eh, just practice.

Errrr…I think it all depends on how nimble you are on the buttons (again I’m not the best person to answer because I can only RC charge moves, and that took me some time, and I’m still only about 60% successful.)

If you just started CvS2 however, I wouldn’t focus on RCing too much, or you’ll focus on it too much in matches and it’ll get you killed.

been practicing a bit, now im having trouble with combos. i cant seem to do this combo: c.lp,, xx tatsu

i cant connect lk to mk. i only connect about 2 out 10 times. any tips?

practice and timing.

It’s a hard combo because it is 1 frame link. d.LK gives +5 and d.MK has 4 frame start up.

If you want a link a light attack to d.MK with shotos, use d.LP (+7) instead. Now it is a 3 frame link and you’ll find it much easier.

What he said. Unless you’re going from a light attack to a light attack, use lp for the link starter.

I would usually do something like:

c. lp, c. lp, c. hk xx something

c. lk, c. lp, c. mk xx super(or something)

Or c. lp, c. lk, c. lp xx super.

hmm thanks for the advice. where can i find out how many frames each attack is?