CVS2: ReMix 100% + CVS2 Remix High Res

Someone please delete this thread.

Why 100 characters?

Are you mad?:annoy:

Anyway… I’ll give it a shot.

This shit is like…5GB!

Better be worth it…

Does it work with Vista? Last time I tried to run winmugen it kept on CTD :confused:

I’m using Vista. The only problem I has was that I extracted in the wrong order. The game loaded fine but when I got to character select no one was there. SO EXTRACT IN THE RIGHT ORDER!

Oh jesus christ.

Anyway, anyone has got any impressions yet?

It won’t, trust me.

Renesis_13: WinMugen runs fine on Vista. I have to use that infernal OS on my laptop myself, and never had any problems with winmugen unless I reloaded the match to test things too often.

I just decided to troubleshoot a bit and discovered my DOA4 stick was causing the problem, weird…

Okay, I checked the log and it says everything was setup fine…

And then I get to the character select screen…

And no one is there…

It loaded up fine on my PC and i’m about to test it out now. I don’t know how to make it full screen though. Anyone else know how?

Alt+Enter I think?

If it’s mugen, you can set the window size in the options settings, I believe.

Has anyone been able to select characters?

Thanks for that info, guys. Yea I’ve been able to go into training mode, select training mode in game options, and play different characters. Music loads fine and everything else works for me. Pretty fun game and I like the combos. Doesn’t seem broken yet…

Okay here’s what I did:

1.I DLed everything in order.

  1. (I have winRAR) I created a folder on my desktop named CVS2Remix

  2. I extracted the files in order save for sounds C then sounds B.

4 I copied the info in sound b/c folder and pasted it in the sounds folder.

  1. I booted the game up, set my controls

And here I am; no one on the character select screen…

Btw did anyone have to wait a while for it to load the character select screen?

It should work fine. Is your characters folder in the cvs2 remix main folder? Characters and sound should be put into that main cvs2 remix folder and it should work. And I didn’t have to wait for it to load the screen.

Thanks man I got it to work!!! Time to play!!!

Webster(yes I am callin you Webster from now on)- I have to leave for a team project that’s due today. I have played for a few minutes I like it so far. I post a more detailed report in a few hours. For now lets just say. THIS is the CVS I’ve ALWAYS wanted. Thx for putting in K’.:tup:

No prob man.

Downloading now. Will post back saying what i think of it. Sounds really fucking cool though.

I’ll give it a try when I get home from work today…