Cvs2 rips


well, er, there was a topic for cleans, but now that chankast has come out i can actually do real rips, now to get the floor started…

edit: finished rock howard

edit 6/12/2004 4:02 pm - I added lots more maki, i’m gonna do some more maki and then maybe athena or rock howard.


some of those are a lil messed up…could u rip me a sprite of akuma shooting a super fireball?


no can do, the emu displays messed graphics, and its by chance then when i press a button then start that it displays midway through the action, most of the time it displays the stance.

edit: I just took a bunch of maki screens and some kyosuke, you can expect them soon.


so to rip sprites…do u get a screen shot…and rip the sprite from it?..cause i have a mugen…and i can take screenshots with it…so maybe i can rip sprites


no no no no no. to rip sprites you use an emu, to rip sprites from mugen you would be stealing someone elses work. you have to rip from dc emu, scale, and then rip.


Rips removed due to bandwidth
I don’t get those messed up graphics like you do. I wonder why?


I have a simple (maybe easy?) request.

I couldn’t find it with a search, so dunno if it’s been done.

I’d just like a simple rip (clean or not) of a ratio 4 vs screen.

Basically, I just want that purple square with the “ratio 4” display in it, plus the other squares with anyone (or no one) in them – doesn’t matter what char(s).

Would be much appreciated, as I don’t have chankast, and probably couldn’t run it anyway.


i have two of those sprites in my first post, anywho MAKI!!!

edit: oh and mirage, are you using the capcom hack of chankast? or the new gfx one? i can only get the capcom hack one to run cvs2, my gfx one cant get past the title screen.

edit: finished maki


Capcom Hack


I must say…nice work my friend!!!

BTW this emulator you talk about…where can i get a rom of CVS2…and an emulator that plays it?


Resize as you see fit. :stuck_out_tongue:


O.o wtf?


sorry for double posting, but i just got done with kyosuke, plus its only one attachment per post.


lol… :lol:

That last one with Athena in it is just… naughty. :o

I need a vs. screen. >.<


This to your liking? Resized to proper resolution.

EDIT: Re-resizing coming up.


That’s the wrong resolution. CvS2 is 320x240. 384x224 is CPS2/3’s resolution.


Parry frames are a BITCH. First, the blue overlay only goes away randomly during the frame. Second, I have to capture the last possible frame to reduce the parry spark. Third, I have to remove what’s left of the spark by redrawing the pixels.

But Yamazaki’s low parry flips you off, so it’s worth it. Resize yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, corrected CvS2 resolution for the versus screen.


Yup, that’s perfect. Thanks much. :smiley:

Any chance of getting the screen right before it (the ratio adjustment screen) with some one using Ratio 4?


Here you go.