CVS2: Roll Cancel Strategies

Cvs2: My friend says only blanka is useful for roll cancel. Any thing to add?

please please gimme some tactics and stuff with other characters other than blanka for roll cancelling.

I labeled this shit right, if you have to move it, please do so.

I’d just like to know how to apply RC to other characters:D


My personal Fav near the corner RC knee press with Bison=Free A groove combo

or you can do the Matt Brown special RC Hibiki Running slash…

wtf, why does it have to be a rc knee press? just so it’s invincible?

I’d like tactics people!

and MY friend says you should experiment and find out for yourself… there’s no point coming in here and asking us what other RC uses there are for other characters just so that you can prove your friend wrong…

RCing is useful for either moving in safely, poking freely, or being an ass. Obviously, Iori has one of the most useful RCs in the game, his Rekka punch. You can’t lose with it, you can use it to move in and if they try to punch you or something, you’ll hit them out of it, one of the RCs you can use pretty freely.

yo,roll cancling is mad hard,i must be doing it wrong or i just need way more practice, can u guys expilane the physic’s of the whole roll cancling thing.

Cvs2: My friend says only blanka is useful for roll cancel. Any thing to add?

It depends on what characters you want tactics for. And not everyone has great roll cancels. I tried to start a thread like this a while back and there wasn’t really anything enlightening coming out of it.

There are a few basic uses for roll cancels.

Anti-air: practically any character with a special move now has 100% anti-air. You can even do this with DP moves just in case you get stuffed and you’ll hit. Zangief Lariat now beats any jump in. The obvious weakness is that parry grooves can still get around it and C groove will still most likely be able to block it.

Anti-poke: I saw in a Japanese match video how a Ryu player was RCing fireballs and stuffing Sagat C.Fierce. A lot of characters have moves that will fit into this category. Stationary specials like fireballs, King’s QCB+K move, Vice’s QCB+K move, etc. Main disadvantage is that you’re not invincible 100% of the move (dependant on the move) and roll grooves can still punish. You have to know the attack is coming in order to utilize this.

Closing distance: Some specials are good just for moving because they have almost no recovery time. Blanka ball, Tiger Knee, Yun’s Shoulder move, Raiden’s shoulder charge, Iori’s Rekkas, Jab Blanka Ball, Blanka hop, etc. There’s really not much drawback to these moves, other than the ones with major startup lag can be thrown occasionally.

Anti-projectile: Some specials move you pretty far, so they’re good for closing distance and going through fireballs. Psycho Crusher, Eagle’s dash move, Honda Torpedo, Hibiki rush slash, Kyo and Iori’s rush move, Rugal’s God Press, etc. all can go through fireballs and hit opponents. Some of these moves will have initial invincibility, but can still be punished if blocked.

Command grabs: IMO, most are very hard to do. SNK motion moves are more possible, like Iori’s grab. half circle motions like Athena and Todo are even easier to do and generally useful as a wake up. Wake up RC grab is probably the only use for RCing a 360 grab.

Best of the best: Some moves are good in almost all situations. Things that are fast and have no recovery. Blanka hop, Iori Rekka, Hibiki slash are probably some of the best RCs in the game. Chun Li can do some wicked things in N groove with low jump short, followed by RC roundhouse lightning leg, which if it connects sets up a combo to super. Everybody knows blanka hop -> RC electricity, so i don’t need to mention how good it can be. Iori seems to be the poster child for RCing, his RC Rekka is good in close, and his RC command grab is highly useful for his wake-up and footsie games, especially in the corner.

You can RC a 360 in response to small jump happy people :wink:

U I think Ioris is better than the Blanka ball for the reason that is it alot harder to punish. Especially if u the block the first 2 then u stop. At least u got the block/gaurd damage.:evil:

The 2nd qcb+p from Iori is not hard to punish. You only want to do one to be safe.

If you really think this, then you don’t grasp the possibilities of roll cancels. Blanka has by far the best RCs in the game, and i’m not talking Blanka Ball. Blanka Ball is no where near as good as electricity. In general, all of the button tap moves are really good.

thanks for all the tips guys.

To the guy who said experiment yourself, why don’t you just ignore threads like this if you can’t stand newbs?

ok soo what’s new in RC…??
i was thinking of using it in a tourny but
i cant really do it much i been busting my ass of for 1 month
and still nothing i mean once in a while i get blanka ball.
roll taunt etc…
how do you guy’s press the button’s…?and olso how the
hell you do it…is it when it’s about to hit you or what…?
i was watching some evo tapes and worship N groove.
honda,blanka etc…damn jap’s…hehehe…


RC electricity is by far the best RC in game. 100 hand slap is a solid 2nd.

Other top tier RC are:

Sakuras hurricane kick (frame advantage)
Rolento’s wall hop (free getaway)
Bisons DP
Bisons psycho crusher (anti air)
Vegas rolling claw (see sakura)
Hondas Sumo Headbutt

and that’s pretty much all you need to know, master these chars and rc and there customs and you will be cvs2 champ!

How do you guys RC kick specials? When i RC, my thumb is on short, my index finger is on jab, and my other fingers lie on the punch buttons. If i try to RC a kick move, my hand must transmute into some mutant-claw, which results in me looking like a moron, and not pulling off a RC. Tips?

Hey, I got a question. Can moves done in the air be RC’ed, like Akuma’s air-fireball, or Rugal’s Dive punch?

Thanks in advanced.

  • Geronimo

P.S. Any tips on how to RC consistantly, I suck and can’t RC ANYTHING, on purpose :frowning: :sweat:?

King is mad strong with RC.

RC Trap Shot as an Anti-Air.
RC Mirage Kick as an anti-poke (bonus combo into Surprise Rose if you corner them)
RC Tornado Kick as anti-fireball zone (both hits knock down, so it doesn’t matter if one whiffs)


Answer this question, then it will answer yours:

Can you roll in the air?

Thanks, I get it now. Too bad I still suck at RC’ing :frowning: .

  • Geronimo

Note, however, you can RC moves that PUT you in the air from the ground. Like Cammy’s Hooligan Combination (it’s hard to RC for me, but I got it down and it’s really cheap to bait DP’s with it).