CvS2: Roll cancelling command grabs


CvS2: command throws is it just me or…

I don’t know what to do. Anytime i try to roll cancel throws they never seem to work as consistantly then normal moves. is there something different about the throws then normal moves that make roll canceling them different? if so what is it?

any tips of roll canceling throws?

I was able to roll cancel a throw with vice and she got mad range on her nail bomb i was like:eek: . was like an inch on the screen that she moved forward, then when i tried to do it again i couldn’t :(.

so i guess the basic question is how to RC throws with more consistancy, and what makes RC’ing them harder?

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Well, it shouldn’t make any difference, control-wise. It’s just that the motion of the special move would makes it difficult, ie Vice’s Nail Bomb is just HCF+P which is easy to RC, however Iori’s Scum Gale is HCB, twd+P which is more difficult to RC… Because if you hit the roll after completeing the HCB, you’d do Dark Crescent Slice instead. So you gotta be picky on stick’s motions for when to hit roll, and when to hit twd and punch.

I suppose that RC throws would have increased range, because their initial start up roll would have moved them forward a bit, then do a command throw, I guess. Not sure exactly, but that sounds reasonable. (Shudders to the thought of even more range to 720’s :eek: )


i don’t know why u can’t roll into a command throw, but there are other ways to hit a command throw then just rolling. Rolling isn’t very practical anyways if u are tring to use it offensively. Well, thats only true for most characters… Rugal and Iori and Kim have quick ass rolls so u can use them offensively, but never mind that. Try to use command throws after a jump in or a after u have knocked them down. Most people exspect a few pokes when they get up after a jump in and hold block. Instead of throwing pokes, give a command throw. It works better and as long as u can mix up your throwing and your poking, then it works a hell of a lot better then just roll into a command throw. Thats pretty much the same as rolling into a regular throw which is looked down upon these days.



**the roll cancel fiend walks in ****

E. Honda’s RC command grab is just soooooo beatiful, but very difficult. I learned once you perform the 360, immediatly hit Lp + Lk then FP [ the timing between those buttons is less than second…seriously]

Im suprised nobody has mentioned blankas rc’d hop into his bite which is so invincible I guarantee you can probably do it all day long…

and for WWF wrestlmania (1993) quickly hit punch and tag to rc a slam and reverse that shyt…this works for hulk hogan, million dollar man ted dibiase, the bushwackers, and ultimate warrior…
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The reason RC’ing command grabs is so good is that you can’t be hit out of them. Historically one of the easiest counters to a throw was to mash on jab or short so you hit the opponent before you get thrown. Since your sprite is essentially in invincible roll mode during an RC (although not visually), you can’t be hit. The only way to counter it is to get off the ground before you get grabbed, or to throw the opponent yourself. Knocking down an opponent, getting next to them, and then RC’ing a command grab on their wakeup is a pretty good tactic. Usually the only offensive counter is to throw (if you are within throw range). DPs and the like will go through the opponent, jumps can get you away but obviously do no damage. You can also attempt to RC back, but the person getting up is usually at a disadvantage.


he said roll cancel not roll into a command throw. as in canceling your roll animation into the command throw and still retaining your invincibility frames thru the move you just rc’ed


i know this is a little off topic but how do you RC jab and short moves.


It’s different for everyone, but here’s how I RC Jab and Short moves:

Do the motion, hit roll (Jab+Short) twice FAST!

It works, give it a try.


The way I do a roll cancel hcb command grab is I go from foward to down on the arcade stick then hit roll , then down + back strong or feirce punch. If your going to play Todo play him in N-groove, so that when you are running towards the opponent they will try to hit you out of your run and you can just glide with that roll cancel command grab through any nomal they try to poke you with.:cool:


RCing with the double tap roll method doesnt always work for specfic moves on characters. Take gouki for example using this method for RCing his demon flip only gets you his DP. Why, because your pressing 2 buttons at once and cvs2 picks if you get a punch or a kick special. Other than a few exceptions double tapping roll does work wonders.


Okay, this may sound really lame, but what EXACTLY is a roll cancel? I read about the glitch where if you roll and the quickly cancel into a special move you will be invincible for a limited time (As long as the roll WOULD have lasted), but I haven’t been able to pull it off on my GCN version of the game. Someone want to clear this up for me?

Much appreciated.


i think that on the gcn version, there is no invincibility with rc.


Yeah, because I’m pretty sure I was preforming the roll cancel right. The timing was as critical as stated, and I did manage to see the first few frames of the roll before cancelling into a special move. Problem is, no invincible frames. Is X-Box LIVE going to be de-glitched as well?


ricky ortiz had some unstoppable morrigan shit by using her rc command grab after a knockdown, then he would psychic dragon punch if you jumped away, only p or k groove stood a chance…


You can actually do this on either wake up. Do it on your own and it’s great. Do it on thiers, even if you whiff it and they wake up DP, they whiff the wake up DP and you can either do it again or combo thier ass to hell.

I also use RC Command Grab whiff as a Dodge.


Throw it.


Gunter, I thought Morrigan’s command throw has more priority than a punch or kick throw though? Wouldn’t that not work?


can u use negative edge to rc jab/short attacks


Yes. And it’s fairly easy. I don’t know why Jchensor said that you couldn’t/it was too hard in his Roll Cancel faq.


how do u do it pls?