CvS2: Roll cancelling command grabs


Uhh its kind of difficult to explain my hand motions, and it should be obvious as to how its done…but I guess I’ll try anyway…

Ryu Fireball:

Down+Jab+Short -> Down/Forward->forward while letting go of jab and still holding short.

Blanka Ball:

Back+short+jab -> press forward and let go of jab at the same time while still holding short.

EDIT:just fixed the wording…


why couldnt the peeps RC back?

C groove can air block the shadow blade

A groove can do a wake up power up

P and K have to jump which is QUITE hard even with practice since if you try to JD too soon your jump will register as a short jump and you wont be able to special defend


Even if you RC something back, the worst case scenario would be Morrigan going into a whiff animation being completely invincible. So she Dodges, basically. Unless you’re roll canceling another command throw with better priority, like an SPD or something.

Activating a CC may cause you to whiff the first few hits since she’s invincible.

All you have to do is HOLD the stick up when your character is getting up. Then you can do whatever, it’s not that hard.

just my two cents


People, you CAN THROW RCs. So if Morrigan’s RC Grab is responded by someone doing an RC something, Morrigan is STILL going to grab you, no matter what you do. But, at the same time, you HAVE to space yourself for Morrigan to not get thrown out of her RC Command grab. I’m trying to see if backdasing works out here instead of jumping, because they can hit you low while you hit up, so it’s not such a feasable option.



when is the best time to use roll canceling in C groove?

Well guys I have a question? when is the best time to use Roll canceling in C-groove, especially with ken,RYu, terry. I am not a really good player but I have almost mastered the roll canceling tactic in the Ps2, but when I went to the arcade machine It was very difficul. Any sugestions guys? thanks for the help…