CVS2: Ryu high priority moves

Hi, please post any useful information you know about these moves (ie what moves it beats, what moves it doesn’t beat)

In my experience these moves are more most reliable for ryu

s.fp (non-rush)- VERY good move… multi-purpose too, can be used to pin or as anti-air in some situations - Also very good, very high on priority. Will beat most special moves eg) nakoruru’s slides (non-axekick) - Good for anti air. Has better priority than c.fp for anti-air purposes.

I stand by my principles that suggest that jab shoryuken beats anything and everything.

Thats all well and good but why not air fk,, level 3 hurricane kick. if yah want basic move for damage.


Dnut posted this string:

It is good, esp for the ranging of the crossup, but here is one that I find to be better:

Crossup mk (blocked), cr.jab, cr.strong, hopkick, st.fierce, lvl1 fireball super, crossup mk… repeat!

Firstly, the linked cr.strong gives u more Guard crush and more frame advantage to connect the hop kick. The frame advantage u get from the hop kick is just enough to get out the fast st.fierce, which will stuff pretty much anything if they flinch. If the st.fierce is blocked they are compelled to block the super too… all of this adds up to great guard damage, and the perfect range for another crossup attempt.