CvS2 Side tournament 2012 - Results


Here is the info thread for the CvS2 side tournament this year aka the Gene Wong fundraiser. Here is the info:

$10 entry fee - $2 discount if you bring your own ps2 stick and show it at the time of registration.
Double elim, 2 out of 3 matches.
Winner keeps team, order, groove and ratio - loser can opt to switch sides.
Reg starts at 1:30 PM and closes at 2:30 pm.
Tourney starts at 3 PM.

2000 Watts
(the) LionX

If you are going to leave the tournament area after 3 PM, please check with one of the organizers so a) you know when to come back for your match, and b) we know where/how to find you. If you do not do this, we reserve the right to DQ you.

If you want to reserve a spot in the bracket by posting here or by sending me a PM, you are welcome to do so. That said, you must claim your spot and pay to register before 2:30, otherwise you will not be placed in the bracket.

PS: if you would like to help out in any way - run brackets, include your stick in the rental pool (you will get paid if your stick is used), let me know

Looks like we have a stream! Please use the twitter link to help us promote:
Stream Link:

Rugal B
Mr. Warzard
2000 Watts
Shin Akuma
Senor Payaso


I haven’t played in forever so I’m probably super ass now, but Ill try and be there and play! Maybe with a stick as well!


Wow Lion X will be there! I might have to enter this!


LOL. Celebrity status!!! Shoutout to LionX, def the cvs2 mvp of the united states for his youtube and IPW work.


^ LOL What the…

I remember respecting Mr. SNK a lot when i was a scrub learning the ropes way back in 2004. I would be very happy to play with you! I just love this game, and I would love to play casuals with anyone after or before the tournament. Bring your friends, good or not I don’t fucking care, and have a grand…ol time? Or some shit.

Thanks for making the thread Warzard, lets make it a good one before the end of the world.



will there be casual setups on fri or in someones room anytime?


Yeah I was wondering the same thing for Sunday. Spectator badges sold out so I would be down to play Cvs2 somewhere on Sunday.


There should be a couple of cvs2 setups Friday for casuals in the BYOC. Are MD cvs2 players going to represent this year?


cool! im in there. if u guys need my help w/ anything just let me know


If we could get a 3rd or 4th setup for byoc that would be awesome. This is all dependent on space limitations of course.


This is happening. One of the setups will be a stream station, and I will use MGhost’s 4G LTE phone to stream it to avoid competing bandwidth with the official EVO streams. I might or might not stream Round1-2 due to the bandwidth we might need, so the stream will start a round or two in most likely. We shall see.

I think I will have microphones ready for the commentating for two people, so if it goes to plan, come on in and talk lol!

I will update my Twitter to when the stream is starting and with the brackets when it gets close to start time.

Put this on the first post when you can Warzard.

Stream Link:


Done, good job dude.

Thanks Min, look forward to meeting you at Evo. If you could help get the word out to the Skillionaire crew, that would be great!


In cvs2 announcers voice
Capcom vs snk 2 mark of the millennium. 2001


My heart wants to enter, my brain is telling me no. I have 3 games to worry about :frowning:


I have not competed in this game since local tournaments back when I was in college (probably a good 5+ years ago), but I will be there. I am curious though, and I am sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but can I just bring a PS2 controller instead of using a stick? I guess I am from the NES generation and got used to getting good at fighting games with a d-pad. Even if I get smoked the first round, I want to be there since it sounds like great fun. I was just curious if I would be allowed to just bring a regular controller instead of a stick


you can use pad

you can even program 1 button roll or whatever. pretty sure them shits are allowed.


Awesome, thanks.

Also, I have never met any of you guys and was at Evo last year and the place was a zoo (in a good way, just a bunch of people everywhere), and I am curious if it would be easy to spot where this will be since I am unsure if there will be multiple places that will have cvs2 setups. I guess I have no idea if I should just look for a specific guy or just go to the cvs2 setup or what


just look for giant crt tvs…chances are someone’s playing cvs2 there and start playing


Awesome. Thanks for your help. See you guys there


Just to be clear, yeah, you can use a pad you bring and be eligible for the discount.

As for macros, I’ve never heard of those being allowed for cvs2 tournaments. For now, i’m going to say those are not allowed. I could def see someone gaining an advantage to having roll mapped to a single button (easier rcs, for one).