CVS2 Side Tournament Friday July 9 2010

Hello all cvs2 players. I will be running a cvs2 side tournament at evo. This tournament will take place on friday July 9 2010. I have talked to a few guys who will be helping me with setups,brackets, and run the tournament as smooth as possible. **What you need to know: ** you need to preregister in order to enter the tournament. It is extremely important for you guys to preregister as soon as possible, since the amount of people will tell us whether we finish on friday or saturday.

Less than 32 entrants = finals on friday
more than 32 entrants= finals on saturday

zal,lionx,mr. Warzard, HAV, and possibly hellion will help me run this tournament, however, if any of you want to help, you are more than welcome! Now, lets get this thing going.


When??? Friday July 9, 2010

**Time: ** 3PM

**Venue: **Evo at Caesars Palace

**Tournament Fee **$10

Tournament format: Double Elimination
2 out of 3 Games

**Setup: ** Play Station 2 NO arcade sticks will be provided so BYOC

**POT??? **1st place 70% 2nd place 20% 3rd place 10%

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR THIS TOURNAMENT??? Send an email with your name,srk handle and cell number for (tonamento automatic text when your turn is up) please do not send me pms here on srk cause my inbox is almost full, either post here or send me an email. As I said before, it is extremely important that you guys preregister as soon as you can.
10 minute grace period: many of you will enter the official tournaments, please notify one of us when you need to go to your match, so we don’t have to look for your butt for 10 mins or more. If you do not let us know, we reserve the right to disqualify you. Remember guys, running cvs2 tournaments takes a long time, so the less time we waste, the fastest we finish.

I WILL BE UPDATING THIS POST WITH THE LIST OF PLAYERS WHO HAVE PREREGISTERED. If you have any questions/suggestions, please post here and let us know.

HERE IS THE LIST SO FAR: I will update it, as soon as more people sign in. thanks
Guys, You don’t need to give me your cell phone number yet, I will need it eventually though, so if you want to give it to me until a few days before evo its fine.

1.JC Exclusive
5.Nick T.

11.Joe aka the Boss

12. Rugal B
13. Renegade
14. Mr. Warzard
15. Fire Arms
16. Mg Host


19. #1geesemaster
20. RAB
21. Dr. B
22. 2000_watts
23. Zal
24. Blood Feast Island Man
25. Se7en
26. Macky

27. Josh Ns
28. RPGV2
29. Hebretto
30. Kientan
31. Master Chibi
32. RedSoil
33. Teen Idol

34. LJGPliskin
35. Cryoh
36. Weak Sauc3
37. Gridman
38. CMX
39. Grom
40. LL.nd
41. Nagata Lock

42. Swamp
43. Jae V
44. cphame

I suggest running this through Tonamento, and making people sign up with their cell phone numbers, and tonamento will send out texts when it’s people’s turn to play. No excuses.

I will help out with this in any fashion needed. I want a good CvS2 tournament at Evo.

this is a great idea!!! and much much more convenient. thanks hav

You know I’m entering. If I have time on my hands, I’ll try to help you out.

For those that don’t know Sanchez, aka Fervor aka Kilomax aka FFA CvS2, he’s all about CvS2 and dedicated to running a smooth tournament for it, so expect his best during this side tourney. That’s coming straight from the Exclusive One himself. Peace!

  • JC Exclusive

thanks JC always supporting the scene! hopefully this tourney will bring many players, so we can enjoy those casuals :wink:

ima pre reg here and send my phone number at a later date. ima go ahead and throw in location so hopefully that helps with the bracketing.

Patrick Van Fucking Pelt

Nick T.
Las Vegas

Phone number will be emailed later. Thanks for running this.
GET HYPE! Lets get more numbers than Melty Blood!

k list updated. check second post.

Thanks for taking the initiative Fervor! I would be very happy to see this go through. It seems like we are more than ready :slight_smile: Let me know if theres anything I can do.

Also to anyone joining, thanks for supporting the game. Go CvS2!

list has been updated.

Sir, put me in and steve h.

Nice to see that you guys will enter the tourney! see you there!

list has been updated!

You know what… sign me up. I love this game way to much to not compete


I might be bringing 3 other guys with me, lemme just ask them sometime this week.

cool, let me know. thanks

list has been updated.

Hey, count me in, I got second place last year so I’ll see how I do.

k list updated again.

Let’s get finals for this shit on the big screen. E-mail incoming.