CvS2 Side Tourney at EVO 2009

It seems the community wants to see CvS2 return to the Evo Line up, based on the votes in the poll and comments.

So if the SRK STAFF does not bring it back then I and a few other top players will personally hold and judge a side tourney at EVO 2009. Im looking for others who would be down to help run brackets,grab players and judge . Is anyone interested ? Another good idea was a 2 on 2 CvS2 Tourney. So please give me some feed back.

It pays to start organizing this now so there wont be confusion. To sweeten the deal
on top of the entry money, I will be co- sponsoring this tourney with Clothing,Accessory,Music give aways also some gift cards.

Holler back !!!

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i say we do singles on friday and 2 on 2 on saturday then finals for both on sunday =]

Unless they get big screen time, nothing can be done sunday. BYOC is only friday/saturday.

Hence why I’m hoping this game stays in the lineup.

I agree…KEEP CVS2 in THE 2009 LINE-UP PLEASE !!! If not…we will have one hell of a side tourney on our hands…But I personally pledge myself into making it happen. I will talk with some of my investors and or SRK STAFF to help assist in getting 1ST-3RD place trophies to make it more official. Thanks for all of the help and feed-back.


I hope we can get something like this going…

There is no hope Rugal B. If it’s not in the line up the CVS2 COMMUNITY will help make this happen. I will need everyone’s help…friend or foe.

-D R B

P.S - Lets pray it’s still in the line up so this singles side tourney can be turned into a TEAM TOURNEY on The Weekend…most likely on a Saturday. Thanks for the great idea Pat Monsta. And thanks for the support everyone.

I’m not anyone’s foe it’s all about playing good comp shit talk just comes with that. However it’s true that the community needs to step up and make shit happen.

I vote for 2v2. I’ll help run it whatever the format.

Learn to play something new, seriously.

i’ll play both singles and 2 on 2. i have no problem helping. singles on friday and 2 on 2 on saturday sounds great (or the other way around, whatever works).

I really hate posts like this.

Question: Do you play 3rd Strike, SST2 T, or MvC2? If so, then you play a game that is OLDER than CvS2. Some us really enjoy playing and watching others at a high level of competition.

Thank you Dr. B for keep things going:woot:

CVS2 still has a lot of evolving going on. Fuck new games. Especially considering this is the first game other than ST and MVC2 in a long while that we’ve actually come out on top over the Japanese in. There’s no way you can’t appreciate what the CVS2 players are still doing for the game. It’s definitely not my favorite game but I wouldn’t be hurt in the least if it happened to take 3S or some other game’s spot over for next year’s Evo. Game definitely has more life left than we even know. New games aren’t even out yet so fuck em.

Even when they do come out most people will be running dat SFIV and Tatsunoko. Basically whatever is the closest to SF or Marvel possible. You already know. The game is too old and has too high of a learning curve for much newer competition but the people still holding the game together are doing so much to keep it alive. It’s definitely turned into a game that people want to watch. CVS2 people don’t even need to play a new game per say. They’ll already be ready for them by the time they come out. Won’t be that hard to translate the skills they use into the newer games. If anything they’ll be more ready for the newer games than most of the other people that came to Evo.

Can’t tell great chess players to play something new. The game evolves enough on its own for them not to have to.

full of win… well said.


I’m definitely supporting CvS2 for EVO 2009 one way or another. It’ll be a shame for peeps to miss out my P-Groove at its full potential. This time, I’ll make sure to get plenty of sleep before I play in the tournament instead of one hour. Let’s keep it alive. Peace.

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not trying to start a fight over this or anything, but i think it’s about time cvs2 is laid to rest. when an official tourney is out-attended by an unofficial tourney for a game that was booted off of the roster the prior year for shitty attendance (ggac), it’s time to re-evaluate that game’s worth on the roster.

if cvs2 isn’t off the roster next year, then it’ll just prove that there’s some serious double standards and politics within the evo staff (what a tweest!). not saying that i’ll “BOYCOTT EVO!!1” or something equally retarded, but if they’re trying to be the definitive north american fg tournament, they need to start hosting official tournies for games that have a large and growing scene as opposed to games like cvs2 which has a dedicated, but very niche scene that hasn’t seen much growth. if they don’t swallow their pride (or whatever it is that’s made them hold on to this game for so long) and give a larger scene the spotlight, then that will do nothing but alienate people who want a spot at evo.

and for the record, most ggac players never jumped on the ban evo bandwagon. the attendance for the unofficial ggac tourney at evo this year is proof of that. they want a spot at evo just as badly as you cvs2 guys want your game to stay on the roster; the difference being that the gg scene is thriving in spite of it’s numerous setbacks (losing a spot at evo, having butchered sbo qualifiers) whereas the cvs2 scene is relatively stagnant and has had more than enough chances to change that.

You are a fucking idiot.

You’re mistaking CvS2 for T5DR. CvS2 had over 100 players iirc, T5DR had around 70 or so.

i’m hype for this

i doubt we’ll have our spot next year,but we don’t need that to have a national cvs2 championship

ggac thought they had a hype side tourney? just wait till they see us next year ha ha!

CvS2 was the hypest game this year.
First time US and a C Groove player take evo.

I hate to say it but the one that was the most boring (after Tekken) was 3s with all those Chun Lis :shake:

we’ll kill them next year.