CvS2 Side Tourney at EVO 2009

where did you get these numbers from?

according to the prereg numbers on the evo2k site (which were paid entries), as of the thursday before evo the numbers were looking like:

tekken: 70ish
smash: 100ish
st: mid 140s
mvc2: low 140s
cvs2: high 140s
3s: 200ish

maybe 60ish people no-showed for cvs2, but i doubt it. regardless, they were still on the brackets (and again, paid for) and its pretty impossible to tell who was DQed and who wasn’t

people have been throwing around crazy numbers all over the place since evo. where is this data coming from?

puttin the foot down:mad:

Just for the record Guilty gear singles had 85 people, so that puts it above tekken and below everything else.

Ok, so what’s new in CvS2 that qualifies as an evolution? Far as I’m aware all the major tactics and characters were in place by 2004.

Just wanted to say that CVS2 players in France really hope that CVS2 will be on EVO 2009, even if with all the new games it’s gonna be difficult!

I play god damn everything, and CvS2 is the game I took the most seriously for six years to be quite honest.

But for shit’s sake, learn to play something new, I mean it. Broaden your horizon. This year is a god send to the genre, and if people refuse to test the waters so to speak, it’ll be a crying shame.

It’s fantastic that CvS2 had good numbers this year (I entered as well), but I don’t see that keeping up for another year, so yeah, why not learn something new just in case? Remember that feeling?


Let it dieeeeeeeeeeee.

ok then, lets have a def jam icon tournment at evo 2009.:rofl:

no no no

Then you might as well let old games like ST and MvC2 die as well.:confused:

CvS2 is here to stay…this tourney will show how strong the community is. Hopefully the mods will surprise us and bring CvS2 back. If not…we WILL have THE BIGGEST SIDE TOURNEY ever !

-D R B

amen :angel:

People will learn something else when THEY want to, not cuz YOU or anybody else wants them to.

Basically. I’m sure this year’s Evo kept BAS from fully retiring from CVS2. Last year I would have said the game is done for sure but from what I saw this year (and I didn’t even really watch the finals) CVS2 still has life left in it. It’s more or less the hardcores keeping it alive but they’re doing it well. If John Choi can win a tourney in a game that other US CVS2 players have been trying for years to do…there’s definitely a lot left in the game to do. Not so much by spectators’ eyes…but as far as a strategic game in itself there’s a lot left.

Who’s to say the CVS2 players aren’t playing new games any ways? It’s not that hard to decide to play a new game. I play 3rd Strike all the fucking time but I’ll play just about anything that isn’t Marvel. If you’re just talking about “playing a new game” then I’ve already played a bunch of new games including Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, KOF 98 UM, SFIV and so on. I still like 3rd Strike better so I play it more. When the tide changes and it’s time to play new games…then people will switch or stop playing. It’s happened before with older games and it’ll happen again. Nobody needs to be coerced to play new games. The tide always moves people regardless.

You say that a lot. Like just that set of words. Especially after a quote. Everyone says dumb shit on SRK…yeah we get it. :lol:

As far as new games, people should know what I mean by new games. Like new games that have a shot of being games at Evo that large numbers of people will come out and seriously follow. Games that are also accessible in the US. Which should be the case for SFIV, SCIV, Tekken 6 and if people get on the bandwagon…HD Remix. Tatsunoko and Blazblue also have a chance but they’ll need definite US releases before spring time next year first. I’m ready for the new games just like anyone else. The scene can’t go anywhere without them really. It’s just not necessarily time yet to start randomly messing around with new games other than to play them. Especially ones that don’t have much of a shot of being at Evo.

For the people that hold SNK down and all the other niche games…power to you guys. It’s just the crowd is gonna follow what is played and supported most. Plain and simple. I’m looking forward to KOFXII and hopefully Arcana Heart 2 gets some kind of US release.

do you know how much money EA will sponser?

Well that’s why I said it’s a shame. You guys continue to level up in your game, but then the community stagnates, and CvS2 really isn’t much of anything on the EC (and hasn’t been for ages really).

Come on now, even with SF4 at CF you’re telling me you’re not excited to play it?


People will jump on SFIV when the time comes. There’s not a whole lot of incentive to right now in the US even with some arcades here and there getting it. Mainly because a lot of other SF players don’t even live near the arcades that have SFIV. I don’t wanna play SFIV right now cuz I’d have to drive 4 or 5 hours just to play it. No thanks. I had plenty of time to play it at Evo and that alone has me ready for the console release of the game where I’ll actually spend some real time playing it. I guess I’ll head up to University Pinball a few days before NEC to play some SFIV but I don’t really see a reason to other than that. When the new games actually come out on a console system…then I’ll play.

If someone lives near CF and still doesn’t wanna play SFIV…then yeah they just don’t like the game. :lol: I talked to a few people at Evo who seemed more underwhelmed than anything about the game. Most people definitely liked it…but there was a fair share of players who wouldn’t necessarily be the first person to tell you to drop 3S and ST for it.

It would be nice if the majority of CVS2 players and 3S players decided “hey I’m gonna start getting serious in Arcana Heart, KOF98 and Guilty Gear” but that’s just not how things work. SF players tend to stick to SFish games and until SFIV comes out CVS2 and 3S players generally won’t be shifting much outside of what they like to play. There are a lot of people in the “anime” crowd that play Guilty Gear, Melty Blood etc. and KOF12 should help the SNK crowd. I mean…it’s not like the other crowds are catering to the older games either. You don’t hear about all kinds of Guilty Gear or SNK players wanting to all of a sudden learn Marvel and 3rd Strike. They play what they play for a reason. Probably because they prefer those games in the first place.

The scene will be at its best when everyone starts gravitating towards the newer unreleased console games that have a shot of being at Evo. That will help the scene move the furthest the fastest. It’s not something that you have to convince people to do…it just will happen. HDTV’s and consoles being more affordable will pretty much force the issue.

I’m not trying to convince or force anyone, it’s just give it a chance, you know?


I’m all for that. It’s time for a new age. So much new shit coming out it’s bonkers. SFIV, BB, SF2HD, AH2, MBRA:FT, SC4, TvC… shit dosen’t stop. This is the renaissance of fighters and we need to embrace all this new shit.

imo new games should be played in evo 2010, so there is enough time to practice this upcoming games…picture this, japan had now tekken 6 SF4 etc…in U.S only selected cities have Tekken 6 or maybe SF4…so im sure that japanese players would get top on next year’s EVO (im not against japanese players)

who the fuck cares, those games are fucking terrible!