CvS2 Side Tourney at EVO 2009

Here is a link to the thread.

I will need everyone’s help and support, especially for judging and running brackets
Thank you.


dr. B, come to ohio for season’s beatings 3 in october! it will be nuts.


I wish I could I have work like crazy…lemme see whats good on the off time. Thanks Popo

-D R B

ty close thread

Im not sure if you can read but MR WIZARD said …NO CVS2 at EVO 2K9. Hate if you want to but I am actually taking action in helping run some form of CvS2 Tourney. You can join it or not…doesnt matter to me. Later

-D R B

Not true Im fighting for what I want by running a side tourney…If they bring it back that would be GREAT ! Im hoping that they see that peeps want it bad enough by even having a big enough interest in the side tourney. We BOTH want the same thing just different views on it. Plain and simple

I was with you but…

I spoke with Wiz recently. Based on that conversation, I’d say there’s about 99% chance that it’s not gonna be there next year.

Sorry laugh. And cvs2 fans. Evo CvS2 is dead. Long live Evo CvS2!

did he say why?

its all about the money

sfiv and other new fighters will attract a ton of new scrubs to come play at evo.

its a known fact that evo makes most of its money from scrubs, ha ha, just like me, though i sure as hell am not going down in pools next year!

its just that time. This isn’t really new info anyway, there should be new games out, and the roster is slimmed down, so odds of cvs2 being on the list next year were SLIM anyways… but its all but confirmed.

If it were all about money evo would’ve thrown brawl no items.

you kidding me? wiz is up there right next to byrdman

That’s odd, if evo wants money. they SHOULD put cvs2 in there, they attracted a lot of attendees this year. 160 entrants, i counted them up. Thats more than brawl and tekken. Way more, almost double. It’s competing with 3s and Marvel entrees, which had the shitty ass top 8s this year. And we all know, aside from the cvs2 fans as well, that cvs2 had the most hype finals.

Bring that shit back.

“Expect 90% new games”

But this doesnt mean that CvS2 wont be there the year after if a new game flops in terms of number of entrants.

even if it doesn’t come back, it’ll be the most hype side tourney in evo history!

its all your fault… whippersnapper.

Yo… who cares…

I’ma be at Evo next year. I’m gonna be playing in a CvS2 tournament. I really don’t care if Wiz feels like making it “official”.

Shit… if the players show, what else matters?

this should be everyone’s attitude…if they don’t officially have a CVS2 tourney do your own.