CvS2 side tourneys *CANCELLED* read last post

I will keep this up this info if someone else wants to pick up on it.

Rules are the standard Evo rules used past years for CvS2.

Okay, since I have other things I have to do, but still want to run this it’ll be single match single elim. I still need console donations for tourney! It will be 5 dollar entry winner takes all.

It will be on Saturday, Around 3 PM** 32 PLAYER CAP**

I’m thinking on one console run Regular, then other run SNK only.

So far Rugal.B, and Mr. Warzard have offered to help. Thanks!

Fervor is willing to let us borrow one console for CvS2. I have a friend with a PS2 he’s willing to give us, and we have another CvS2 by SoulRequiem. It would be nice if we can get more stations/games, it’s CvS2 guys, not ST.

This is my policy for being late: I give you 3 minutes unless you tell me ahead of time that you need to go to pool/take a shit/smoke/whatever. I don’t really care I’ll give you 20 minutes for that since it’s cvs2, but you need to tell me or you’re off. I don’t really give a shit, just tell me and you’re safe, hell if you bring me a console for running this I’d be pretty lenient on when you come. Don’t be crying to me if you didn’t tell me ahead of time.


So Far:

  1. Steve Harrison
  2. umthrfkr
  3. entity
  4. |AD|
  5. VDO
  7. Rugal.B
  8. Hav
  9. Hail and Kill?
  10. SoulRequiem
  11. FatBear
  12. FullMetalRoss
  13. hsibrad
  14. Weak SauC3
  15. JJJ
  16. sexy back ver 2
  17. fervor
  18. Santiago
  19. itayon
  20. Tyram
  21. nothingxs
  22. chris piedra
  23. Dentron
  24. Master Chibi
  25. ll.nd
  26. Kingkau
  27. beef
  28. Pi
  29. Macky
  30. Se7en
  31. conroexlexx

SNK Only:
1)Stuart Hayden?
2) Gasp?
3) exarchezekiel
5) VDO
6) Rugal.b
7) Hav
8) umthrfkr
9) Dentron
10) Hail and Kill
11) salsays
12) Orphen?
13) JJJ
14) J.D
15) fervor
16) Viscant?
17) FatBear
18) FullMetalRoss
19) hsibrad
20) Weak SauC3
21) sexy back ver 2
22) santiago
23) Steve Harrison
24) Soul Requiem
25) Tyram
26) nothingxs
27) chris piedra
28) Shanghai Kid
29) Master Chibi
30) ll.nd
31) Kingkau
32) beef

If you have the patience to run it
double should be fine
I bet that if this happens buktooth would take it

If brnsn goes, I have faith in him.

I didn’t know there were any SNK characters in CvS2 outside of Hibiki,


I think this is a great Idea, but VDO is gonna win.

I would go for single.



Team Otaku all the way!!!

I"m down count me in!:tup:

-EX :cool:


buktooth for the win.

I always wondered why nobody ever tried this.

I wish you good luck. This would be a fun tournament to record I think.

Wow, handful of people wanting this to happen. I will run this probably on Dreamcast (since I don’t have a readily available PS2 anymore) I hope I can supply 2 converters. Please, if you want this to happen console donations for the tournament is greatly appreciated and will motivate me more to make this a reality.

I am in if I go.

buktoof is winning this shit for free though. maybe leezy can stop him with all snk team(rock/kim/???)

Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say…FINALLY!! VDO…HAS COME BACK…TO EVOLUTION!!! It’s gonna ridiculously hype @ EVO this year (mainly cuz I’m comin!) and also to this SNK side tourny in CVS2…Awwwwwww shis!! Hell yeah I’m in this shis! Most of my squad is SNK anyways!! Lets go fellas make this shis happen!

I will be in there to wall press people.

I like me. Just gotta train a third.

todo yama chang ftw.

you should truly have a snk side and ban the capcom groves as well (C,A,P)… only allowing S, N and K groove to shyne… :'D

Cool idea with only SNK chars…and the suggestion of only SNK grooves is also pretty awesome. It would definitely make for more original matches.

While A groove is the suck… This is pretty dumb. It would just be K groove all over the place and then Buk.