CvS2 side tourneys *CANCELLED* read last post

is this going down fasho?

btw my team is gonna be MAD UGLY, 0.1% chance of winning a game.

Sounds sweet, now they need a capcom only MvC2 side tourney.

Ill go! Buktooth is dead!

Who you gonna use Gene?

Ratio 4 Raiden.

I’ll be down for this and bring in my womens team to kick some A

I want to play in this too sounds like fun. Never played cvs2 with a stick though lol.

I agree totally! Anyway that it goes peeps are gonna complain however you make it!

i cant play snk grooves =[

please make it on saturday so I can enter~

Me too. I can’t get there until Fri night.

Geez, when in my mind I thought I could go, no one really catches on, but when I think I can’t go (due to financial reasons) people start posting! I’ll try and make it, I’ll know by 2 weeks if I can go.


I need 2-3 people to donate ps2s to help run this tourney with copies of CvS2 (I own nothing)

It won’t be limited to SNK grooves only. And it will be Saturday for sure, just because I don’t know if I can make it on friday.

K-Groove Yamazaki (1), Geese (1), Rugal (2)

I think it should. I mean just playing SNK characters is cool, but if you also add the SNK grooves… that will be sick. I don’t play SNK grooves but I will enter cuz it seems like it will be mad fun, something every tourny should be.

Those are my two cents but I say keep it real and just do SNK all the way… trust me bro, it will be sick. See you at evo

Making it SNK groove only means some characters can’t be played in their best grooves (A-Hibiki, A-Todo, P-Kyo, C-Kim, C-Rugal, C-Yamazaki, etc) which would make the tournament less interesting imo.

I disagree but to each their own. Its not my tourny so you can do what you want but I think it will be hella dope to go SNK all the way.

As far as characters not being able to play to their full potential… shit, any character can be played in A or C groove and do hella good. But you really gotta play with a little more skill to play N or K.

I mean we have all seen combos in every groove with every character, not seeing hibiki hit her A combo isn’t going to kill the tourny.

Up to you guys though, just voicing my opinions. See you at evo

WOW no Roll cancel shock from bitch made Blanka?? No activate cheese out from “I’m a little ass 65 pound kid but can beat grown ass men who have been training all their lives” Sakura?? No activate 80% custom from Bison?? No run away roll cancel roll from claw Vega?? Awww man I could care less how they run it and shit I play ONLY P-GROOVE!! I still could care less cause it’s gonna be hella fun!! Either way I’m in it fa sho!!

Unless I completely missed it in this thread (pretty sure I didn’t though…), what’s the entry fee? $5? or $10? And what would be the entry fee for the normal CvS2 side tourney?

Lol, if I don’t make it SNK groove only it’ll be VDO vs Buktooth at finals… Oh wait it’ll still be those 2 haha.

1st thread with time/fee