CvS2 sprite sheets?


Anyone know where I can find some? They used to be popular years ago.

Also can someone help me with my avatar. I want Hibiki’s sword to keep shining and Terry to do a Rising tackle and keep spinning forever. Also some touch ups since I suck at Adobe programs. I can send the psd if you could do that for me.


why is hibikis leg over the a groove in your av :wtf:


idk, I did a lot of weird shit with the layers when using adobe and fucked up on spacing. I might just scrap it and try a new avatar later on.


I know where to get CvS2 Sprite packs, Would that help? Credit for the Sprite rippers would be nice.


Oh wow, thank you very much. ooc, How would I give credit MGF?


I’m guessing, just list it in your sig

For Example like these original sprites.
Sprites made by Lo Llop

Edit: Others are just ripped.


More like “sprites made by Capcom”



Yeah, I could do both of those once I make my new avatar. Thanks again!