CvS2 Tatics Video "Back Up Off me"

CvS2 Tactics Video “Back Up Off me”

Ok… my third and final cvs2 tactics video is out on my site.

Some of you have been waiting for this for a while now so I guess the wait is over.

If you’ve liked my videos in the past you should like this one. If you havent liked my tactics videos in the past… you probably wont like this one. With that said, enjoy all. :tup:

bravo! nice music too.

Nice shit. Man I wish I can play like that.

The title “back up off me” had me thinking it was gonna be an anti-rush down vid, half the vid was people getting rushed the fuck down though. Cool stuff though man, way above anything I can do in CvS2, good vid. :tup: :tup:

Oh yeah, tactics is spelled wrong in the intro in case you wanna fix that later.

It’s not really a tactics video, but there was some funny looking shit in there.

Nice Job anyways on the funny side of the vid, but like i said, i didn’t see much of anything tactical.

Nice vid ! :tup:
Who is the motherfooker with that P-geese anyway…is that the same TKK plays on lag box(kingkenard or somethin) ??

I’m probably going to be hosting all the music Ive used in my vids on my site soon.

lol yea I noticed that misspelling last night (after I uploaded the vid) and Ive fixed now though. Thx! (I Also spelled it wrong in the title of this thread- Lesson to everyone dont post threads after 2 am. !)


Nice video man, one of the funniest ive seen.

As usual obot you ve done great work. Im still not the fan of the music, but it does fit the vid / title.

Thanks for the feed back everyone, keep it coming. I’m about to do some different type of video projects so your feedback helps!

Holy shit, I’m downloading from your site at nearly 1 Meg/s.

will edit with comments

thats fast. :tup:

yo dat shit is nice keep up the good work.

hey im trying to view it but the colors are all screwed up

am i missing a codec or somethin?

Real smart. A video thread with no link in it.

his name on SRK is
he says its on his website

took me a while to figure out too

I figured thats the site. But I already don’t give a shit about his video in the first place why would I take time finding it unless he’s gonna post a link to it.

Wow, the video is literally two or three clicks away.
Or do you need someone to hold your hand at all times?

Oh, and nice job on the video. :tup:

It’s hard to impress people with CvS2. I’d play this guy for money without watching his videos, so I dont feel like wasting time watching it if hes not even gonna directly url it.

I no longer cater to idiots. Sorry.