CvS2 team 3v3, or 2v2 for Evo2008?

i am doing this in the interest of hoping that a team tournament can happen for cvs2 like it did for guilty gear at last year’s evo, because in all honesty i think it would be MUCH more exciting and a change of pace from the usual.

stipulations to the 3v3 tournamnet:

A: Minimum 2 different grooves required, 2 duplicate characters allowed
B: Minimum 3 different grooves required, no duplicate characters allowed
C: Minimum 3 different grooves required, 2 duplicate characters allowed

i personally like option A

stipulations to a 2v2 tournament:

A: Different grooves required, no duplicate characters
B: Same groove allowed, 1 duplicate character allowed.

if there are other stipulations that you think would work better please post about it as i would like this thread to be taken seriously.

So who is in favor for a team tournament? which (2v2 or 3v3)? which are not? and why?

I personally would like to see a 3v3 with stipulation A enforced. Here is hoping that this happens!:woot:

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Oh lawd…

Do you mean to have this as a seperate tournament from the singles event? Assuming that if CVS2 makes it as a featured Evo game it obviously is going to be singles like it is every year. This would be interesting as a side tourney. I guess it would also be interesting as a new spin on CVS2 should it not be included.

3v3 would be nice

stipulations are dumbzor

I like singles.

As a side tournament, I like single match mode.

Teams is cool… I’m one of few people that would be able to form a competitive team with people that live around me, so it works, but I still like single match mode over teams.


deviljin, i meant it as replacing the regular, not a side tourney but main tournament…

havoc do you think what you are talking about will be an issue???..i mean last years guilty gear, do you think a lot of people that wanted to play didnt because they couldnt find a team??? just curious, not sure if it would be a big issue thats why im asking…

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I think it would be an issue for a lot of people. I think CA, MD, MA, NY, GTA, MTL, JP, and FL wouldn’t have trouble with teams, but almost everyone else would. That’s one reason why it really needs to be singles.

Singles plz


You could play with Freeeeeeee!

i don’t like the character thing i know alot of my friends randomly play a couple characters that are the same as mine and it would suck if this happen and i can’t play with a friend because of it

heat: no offense. but team tourneys in the US are a freaking horrid idea. for side tourneys is dope. but as a main yearly event on the biggest stage? no way.

this isnt japan where there are 87365873658763875468376583687563 good players in a 100 mile radius. theres not enough good players around honestly, and it leads to stupid politics and heavily stacked teams. what if you were one of the best players in the US, top 5, no doubt, and all the other top players already got their stacked teams and theres no one left, so now you gotta settle for 2 decent players, or 1 decent teammate. and then get last place cuz you faced a stacked team that in a single set, you can beat, but in the 1 match scenario, you lost, and then your decent teammate gets murdered. its fucking sucked that 2 years in a row that i had to deal with team tourneys for ggxx at evo, only to go out 0-2 both times. i feel bad cuz i know my teammates are better and can get farther, but i hold them back. and i also know i can do MUCH better in a single format best 2of3. 1 match is too fucking random for my tastes. its seriously fucking gay to wait an entire year for a major tourney, practicing like crazy, taking it seriously, then get peaced out early cuz of someone else. talk about a waste of time and effort. i literally stopped playing ggxx mainly because of this. it was a complete waste of time to me

i think team tourneys are for fun honestly and act as a good companion to a singles tourney, but they just hold no weight or validity in the scarce and spread out US scene.

also, we dont even know if cvs2 will be at evo anyway heh

ya, jay’s gotta find some teammates quick:shake:

I say it doesn’t matter whether or not CVS2 is at Evo. CVS2 players need to be more hype than ever and get shit going if CVS2 is not at Evo. Just kinda sitting there and bitching and creating hate threads or being indifferent towards the matter is not going to get the scene any further. Gotta stay hype no matter what.




i see what you are saying but i do not think that applies as much as you think because of the stipulations involved…because STACKED teams will be forced to step out of their normal comfort zones of who they play and maybe what groove…then also it is 1 match per player so anything can happen a mediocre player can steal a game from a good player…

are for example bas and kindevu (sp) going to want to be on the same team if one of them cant both play a groove?

i dont know if im a mediocre player or not but i can tell you right now i can steal a game from any cvs2 player in a single game format because of groove, my style, and the characters i play (all momentum based characters)…sooo…i can agree with what you are saying but i disagree more…

are for example bas and kindevu (sp) going to want to be on the same team if one of them cant both play a groove?

im 90% sure that if a SIDE 3v3 tournament goes down it will be tighter, more hype, and more exciting than the finals…

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3v3 CvS2 would be a horrible idea to hold as a main Evo game. Do you have any idea how long that would take? @_@

well if marn doesnt enter, prolly not as long as gg teams last year!

regardless. im not willing to train super hard for a year for the biggest US team, to only lose because my teammate sucked, or vice versa. thats fucking crap. if i lose, i want it to be all my responsibility. i understand the logic with the groove rule. but eh, now theres artificial barriers. i just find it silly to have these rules for a major, serious tournament. im down for side tourney, but not main. most people just dont have the resources to gather a good team, and now they lose out.

Teams just wont work well in america.