CvS2 team 3v3, or 2v2 for Evo2008?

I think I’ll sport it if GG does get in. Just to be random. :lol:

I see what you did there.

ya i see, but thats how team games go sometimes hahahaha…

i dont really find it silly, they are rules kind of like a team game of football only allows a certain number of players on the field, or per position, etc…

to each his own though, i for one think it would be awsome, just that gut feeling but if no one sees it that way no problem…

im outi


Shouldn’t be better that you allow teams of 1, 2 or 3 people, and each person picks a character for the tourney, and the team selects a Groove for the tourney. The team order should be allowed to be changed at will during the tournament, but the game team has to have the same number of people that the real life team. So basically, you get a match where all members of both teams are involved. That would also solve the problem of not finding partners, as you can always take your chances by yourself and play a R4 character. The only problem I see in this is the hassle that swapping controllers in the middle of the match could cause, and you could fix that by making every team to bring one stick/pad for the whole team, previously tested and decided by themselves.

3v3. the way its meant to be played otherwise please no cvs2.

most top players are good in multiple grooves as well so that groove restriction doesn’t really work stacked teams will happen unless explicitly banned with names added saying who can’t team up with who and that still won’t work cause then the good people we don’t know about or not quite top but really fucking dope come through and you still get beasted

Looks like your wish came true

Which is why smash is stupid imo. You have to make a rule set for it or its just random.