CvS2 Team Av Request

I know, it’s one of the most cliche av’s ever, but I don’t have one yet.

Anyway, I’d like Cammy, Joe and Guile, in that order. If anyone can do a color edit,

I’d like Cammy to be in her Assist 2 color from MvC2 (Dark skin, pink hair) Showing that azz.

I’d like Guile to be in a similar color (Dark skin, pink hair, purplish camo. If it helps, you can take the hair from the RH color, Camo from MP and skin from 3P) either flexing his arm or combing his hair.

And Joe to be in his MK color (Dark skin, black and red trunks. Though the red can be changed to purple), laughing. Or you could put a frame of him running, cause his run is damn funny. Finish it off with a nice background, and a K bar (full or empty, I don’t mind either way) And I’ll have a nice new av.

Thanks. :karate:

Le bump.