Cvs2 team formation: discussion/suggestions, etc

seems like a new team suggestion thread gets made every other day, so i’m gonna condense them all into here

any new team-related threads get deleted without notice

Hmm…in response to the old “Getting back into N” thread…

N-Kim is cool…but not as much fun as the other grooves. The startup frames for jumps in running grooves make tiger knee dive kicks insanely hard to do the way you would in dash grooves. So, he loses a big mixup move. Run is great for Kim, rushing with running shorts and rc cresent kicks is hella random. But yeah, no one’s really gonna pick him up, so I sometimes wonder why I try to promote him still.

A-team of the moment is Morrigan, Kim, Eagle. Hah. Flame on.

N - Blanka, Raiden, Rolento woo!

I’ve never really found a 3rd for my K-team. I’m really comfortable using K-Kyo and K-Rock at any point in the lineup, it’s just that 3rd spot which I’ve never really settled on. I’ve gone through a wealth of characters the most noteworthy being Shotos/Geese/Hibiki/Iori/Kim. My question is a little more directed than ‘who else is good in K?’ Rather I’m asking;

“Who is a counter character to Rock and/or Kyo’s counter characters?”

Honestly my Kyo doesn’t appear to have bad matchups. He loses when the opponent is better than me, and I win when I’m better than them. I can’t really see a certain character that flatout counters him. Sure the usual Vega/Blanka can give him a bit of hard time with their range, but nothing ‘counter’ worthy I think. So anyone got an idea on a counter counter character?

A-sakura counters your K-rock/kyo, so pick K-cammy because she counters A-sakura.

and i can’t settle on a N-groove team to save my life. i really like N-iori and N-blanka, but i’m too inconsistent with N-chun li and my sagat is horrible. i don’t like shotos AT ALL. i guess N-hibiki is my best bet somewhere in there. i just love N-groove because you’re basically saying that you can beat your opponent on pure skill. you don’t need big damage opportunities to cover up a player weakness (ie CC’s, random level 3’s in K, level 2 cancels). plus it allows you to rushdown without getting owned by A-groove. it makes cvs2 fresh when i play N-groove.

nice team leezy.

I’m trying to figure out if I want my honda, vega, sagat team in C or N. The only character that would seem to suffer from the lack of lvl 2 cancels would be sagat, and every one of them seems to benefit GREATLY from low jump, but I just cannot get the hang of running of all things. I dunno why, it feels super weird and usually I wind up running into an attack or something stupid like that. Also losing dash into RC slappy is rough, though now that I can do lk into RC slappy I should probably just replace dash with lk. I hate sucking at something I love.

I use Blanka/Ken/R2Sagat & Iori/Ken/R2Sagat most of the time but I’m unsure whether I should use C or N. Any ideas?

Popoblo: How about N-Eagle?

Myself, I used to play S-Blanka/Yama/DanR2 as my main, but this team is hard to play. Until I can master it better, I’ve switched to S-Todo/Sagat/GeeseR2, which I think might be a good team due to the S-groove theories discussed about the characters.

S-cammy is too savage.

i dont’ know if this is useful or not, but when i play N-sagat, i only use lvl 1’s until i push them into the corner, then i break stock(for lvl 3, not for damage up) for the obvious “corner pressure” == GC or they jump.

in terms of N-groove being skills, i think it MAY be seen as playing with “LESS skills”, because people who are losing with K and A are possibly missing clutch moments where they can capitalize with the lvl 3, or activate.

with C-groove, you’re working Without small jump, in which you’re sort of missing out on easy pressuring.

N-groove, is pretty consistant and kind of goes with the flow, you have lvl 1’s available to you as well as the option to CM/AC (for situations that were mentioned in other thread). and you always have the the option of breaking stock AFTER getting momentum. so in a sense, it does take some work/practice to using N-groove effectively, but once you get that down, is it still considered more skill than other grooves?

My 3 teams at the moment:

K-Akuma, Blanka, 2-Cammy . Standard tournament level team

A-Chun-li, Eagle, 2-Rolento. Chun-li isn’t here for any custom, but she beasts enough with the level 1’s to make her fun (along the lines of A-honda). Eagle rocks, his custom does great damage and is relatively easy to pull. Rolento is just rolento, so he’s a lot of fun. Maybe not tournament level team, but still fun.

And for the scrubs I play on campus:

P-Rolento, chun, 2-Cammy. Makes you earn your damage in P.

I cannot for the life of me get the hang of N groove. Everytime I play, it just feels like I’m missing something I need to get damage done.

Anyways, any comments/suggestions for another A groove character outside of Bison/Sakura? Chun-li is more of a place holder, I’ve messed around with Iori but chun seems like the better choice.

Well…Blanka, Vega obviously…

Ken and Akuma are pretty good in A, and relatively easy to pick up. Rock and Hibiki do pretty good damage with their customs, and are fun characters to play with. Their customs are really hard to get used to, though.

You could pick up stupid characters and make them competitive like Morrigan and Ryo. Actually, Ryo’s custom does a buttload of damage, just from sheer number of hits.

If you’re serious about competing, though, just whore the tiers. They’re all easy to play, and their customs aren’t that difficult. Plus, with the exception of Vega, all of the top tier customs do hella damage.


and i meant that N-groove takes more skill because it doesn’t have crutches like other grooves to lean on and cover up other PLAYER weaknesses (like poor footsies).

and jaguarandine, N-eagle is terrible, that’s why i don’t play him. C/A are hands down favorites, he’s only really good as a battery (because his level 3 whiffs and he doesn’t have many pressure games), and i already have plenty of batteries i like in N-groove.

Trying to pick up N groove. My team -

Kyo, Hibiki, Chun (r2)

Yay? Nay?

That team is dirty in N. Keep it.

I like N-Eagle…his running ducking jab seems good to me, and it works the same way as Chun…just wait for counter hit jab, low forward super. Damage and mixup isn’t the same, but it’s still pressure. Low jump roundhouse hits deep into ducking jab, or hits early to stop uppercuts…and then mash on throw when you land. His supers are pretty bad without the cancel or custom first, but I still like him in N. I don’t play much Eagle, though, so there’s probably some stuff that makes him sucky in N.

N-groove is the fun groove. I have more fun with characters in N than any other groover.

Teams for N- that are sick.

N- Geese, Chun Li, Sagat - My main N-team, Geese is an awesome battery, and doesn’t need his supers to still be effective. Though if your up two stocks might as well brake stock for the GC into big combo or Dizzy combo of doom. Also I like RC Double Repukken, learn when to use it and it’s the Sex. Chun li, I play her in C or N, different in both, instant overhead low jump stomp is too good. Plus running around and low stronging people into super when they try and keep you out is too much fun. And N-sagat, well he’s sagat with like combos that do damage, He may not be able to kill you in one combo but he can keep up the pressure to slowly wear your shit down.

N- Iori, Yama, Sagat - well everyone knows why N-iori is sick, But N-yama is fun too, RC dirt, RC overhead. run up mixup between command grab and cr.short, cr.jab xx guillotine is fun (watch your range or this will whiff). Also just running around and sweeping or rh is damn effective. Sadly cammy still is a hard match even with RC.

heres the teams i use
k- groove:
joe/geese/cammy r2
raiden/geese/joe r2

p- groove
joe/geese/cammy r2
joe/ yama/ cammy r2

seem alright?

N-Groove is the shit for me for real:

Primary N-Groove:

Secondary N-Groove:

Primary C-Groove:
Sakura–King(yeah I use her so laugh)–Sagat(2)

Primary A-Groove(don’t use it for real):

I know you guys something to say about these teams so hit at me…I have to see how my N-groove teams look due to me using them alot in most of the tourneys.

I use that team too but I use Iori as battery instead of Ken. Iori builds meter faster plus having a Ken w/ 2, or even 3 stocks ready to go is definitely an advantage IMO.

N vega terry R2sagat is the shit.