Cvs2 team formation: discussion/suggestions, etc


Wow 3 years later and I still don’t have a a solid team!

I’m running N- Akuma, (???), Hibiki (2)

Sometimes as a point I run morrigan but I still don’t have a solid mid character. Morrigan/Akuma in the same team probably sucks so I don’t do that.

Idk if I should man up and get good at rcing vice’s shoulder tackles or if i should just put sagat/cammy as my mid and call it a day. Also chun looks great as a mid but I just don’t understand the character. :confused:



Sagat or cammy are always good picks. Going off your team, I’d put sagat in the back and move hibiki to the middle slot, but they’re both interchangeable depending on matchups.


N-groove cammy is ass. She can’t take advantage of N-groove at all. But at the end of the day, she still have her godlike normals.

Pick Sagat or Vice instead if you want to make full use of N-groove.


Last I was talking to someone, Japan N-Vice is top tier. I can see it. I played CvS2 in Japan back in August with Gunter at Sportsland, while super rusty, I did well and got some wins. A billion times more fun than everything else.

Yeah this 100%. I used him in both, never liked him in K.


Is anyone in Japan playing N-Vice? The only person I saw use N-Vice near her potential was Buk at the Evo 2012 side tournament (I think it was '12; the last one I ran on my own).


Let’s spice thing up for CVS2 tournaments by allowing the clone glitch. In other words I can have a team of Sagat, Honda, Honda

I do this from time to time on arcade machines…


1 vega, 2 sakura just to fuck with K/P groove.


I know Iori is good in N-Groove, but what about Kyo? Kyo is one of my favorite characters but I don’t want to use P or K. I would use K if iori was good in that, but he’s not.

Other characters I like are Vega, Hibiki, Chun-Li, and Rock. Rock’s best groove is probably K though… I don’t want to use Sagat. Who should my R2 be?


N-Kyo is good. Access to low jump, run, and RC.


N-Kyo is okay but his roll is kind of shit so he can’t take advantage of things like counter-movement. Roll cancel rekkas are decent but kind of slow and redundant. He’s a bit better in K-groove because when he’s raged his combos really hurt.


“Other characters I like are Vega, Hibiki, Chun-Li, and Rock. Rock’s best groove is probably K though… I don’t want to use Sagat. Who should my R2 be?”

You could play N Iori/Rock/Chun-Li or add Vega instead of Iori or Rock to make the team more conservative/solid. Vega (Claw) as a battery in the first slot is pretty good, you could also play him last slot R2! Hes just that good. N Groove Rock has rc hardedge and rc command grab, a really good sweep, hitconfirms and you can style on your opponent with deadly rave into level 1 B)


N- Iori, Chun, Hibiki (R2) was Buktooth’s “serious” team when his morrigan got figured out by certain players and when he was dealing with CBS teams. Obviously you can switch chun and hibiki around to better suit your team.

Chun and Hibiki both fight top tier common user/anchors really well (Bison, Blanka, Sagat.), but have a more difficult time if common 1st/2nd characters make it to them (Cammy, Vega, Sakura)


No Kyo ain’t bad, he just doesn’t have access to burst damage super til he activates. Low jump, run, and RC are all great on him. It just was as used as much since k Kyoto did insane damage and guard, while A Kyo had great ccs. He solid in any groove.


That sounds really not fun.


One time I had 2 ratio 2 Dictators. It’s hard to get because if you’re too slow, you get Dictator/Raiden. Why doesn’t it sound fun? Some people only like one or two characters. Why not let them play as if they are laying Street Fighter (in other words, you lose with your character in round 1, but you get to use the same character for round 2)


Thought about playing Kyo on K groove… does not sound like too bad of an idea


Go for it. I need to practice more K Geese and Yamazaki.


I know S-Groove sucks, but I kinda like it. I just need a second character for my team that isn’t Blanka or Bison. Right now, I have S-Terry/???/Chun-Li(R2). I guess Sagat or Kyo might work.


S Kyo/Terry/Sagat sounds interesting. I am still leaning on K groove but want to improve with N.


Just thinking aloud, but a key for S-groove is the ability to use level 1 supers (to use/abuse desperation mode). I don’t think Kyo gets much out of level 1s; can he combo s.HK into lvl 1 serpent wave? If not, you’d probably be better of picking a different character. Sagat works anywhere/everywhere, and there are a lot of other characters who can take advantage of unlimited lvl 1 supers.