CvS2 Team Tiers Discussion

this has been bothering me for sometime, i’m kidna in the dark with what teams are top, mid, and low.

Top (C Groove)
2 Sagat / 1 Cammy / 1 Blanka
Mid (C Groove)
Low (C Groove)

top (A Groove)
Mid (A Groove)
Low (A Groove)

top (P Groove)
Mid (P Groove)
Low (P Groove)

top (S Groove)
Mid (S Groove)
Low (S Groove)

top (N Groove)
Mid (N Groove)
Low (N Groove)

top (K Groove)
Mid (K Groove)
Low (K Groove)


top S

Why isn’t this in the CvS2 section?

i think there should be tiers for anchor, user, and battery for every groove excluding s/k, in w/c it’s just whose good in those grooves

top sak,bison,blanka2 duh (A Groove)
Mid hibiki,rolento,eagle2 (A Groove)
Low ken,balrog,todo2 (A Groove)

C - *Cammy / Chun li / Sagat (2)
A - Bison / Sakura / Blanka (2)
P - Kyo / Cammy / Blanka (2)
S - Cammy / Bison / Sagat (2)
N - Iori / Morrigan / Hibiki (2)
K - Cammy / Sagat / Blanka (2)

(Actually, I think in C its best to start Sagat and Cammy aint that good in C, you can play with a vast array of chars like Ken, Akuma, Honda, Yamazaki… anyone with good RC’s and or lvl 2 cancels)

A - Todo and Athena are pretty damn ridiculous.
P - P anyone with good bnb is good, Sagat parrying into a c.short or s.jab or s.strong is all bad.
S - Havent seen so much S getting played, but S Athena is fuckin crazy annoying.
N - I just dont like N groove.
K - who cares who you pick in K, the buff just get buffer, even when gettin punched in the face.

Ive seen a lot of stuff on N-Morrigan. What makes her so good in that groove?

Short jump fly cross up…learn that and you could be the next buktoof :nunchuck:

combination of roll, run, and semi stored super. rc command grab is really buff.

i think the best a groove team is probably a vega sak blanka, that team gives everyone problems.

c, just for cheapness is probably c honda sagat blanka, that team is hella cheap if you can rc like crazy. rolento teams are good too. c sagat rolento blanka 2 is also really good.

p-probably kyo sagat cammy 2

s-idk something with cammy r2

n-iori, sagat, blanka owns

k-geese, sagat, cammy 2

Morrigan would not be included on any top N Groove team, even buk would tell you that. Infact Buk has said that.

Guile can be really buff in C-Groove. Some pretty good teams are:

Guile, Ken, Sagat (2)
Guile, Chun, Sagat (2)

Morrigan isn’t all that good. She has to work way to hard to score damage, and she takes too much damage. If you want to win with Morrigan, you have to have a really strong mixup game.

In my opinion, the one team that does well in any groove is Cammy, Blanka, Sagat (although K makes this team REALLY buff, and it is pretty weak in A).

Morrigan isn’t a good character at all, just her run is annoying

Sagat maybe but cammy and blanka weak in A? Smoke much of the rock do you?

A-cammy sucks…good battery maybe but still pretty meh.

A-blanka is practially the ‘best’ character in the game.

Custom Groove 1


Hehehehehe…Muwahahahaha! :wow:

In the end all you need is P or K groove. Offensivly, it’s better to break the turtle shell than be the turtle. Sagat,Mai,Terry Rock,Kyo,Dan

agreed… a cam does suck…

builds meter fast, easy to land 6500 damage CC

not the best, but doesn’t neccesarily suck

Not much of a CvS2 player but here I go…

C-Honda/Guile, Sagat, and Blanka-R2 or Honda/Guile, Chun-Li, and Sagat-R2
A-Blanka, Sakura, and Bison-R2
P-Kyo, Blanka, and Cammy-R2
S-Bison, Cammy, and Sagat-R2
N-Iori, Chun-Li, and Sagat-R2
K-Geese, Cammy, and Sagat-R2

I think that list is pretty much perfect minus N-Hibki. Not that she is bad in N-Groove or anything but Chun in N groove is much more scarier. Low jump adds to her rush down and mix up alot and having plenty of stored lvl 1’s makes her beastly.