CVS2 Team Tournament in Philly(UP)


Yo this was a GREAt little Tournament to nite alot of Great matches.:cool:

CVS2 Team:

1st.—Ricky O., Arturo S. Julian R.
2nd.–Jeron G, Sanford K. ( two man TERROR)
3rd.—Alex D. Veasna, Fred
4th.–Prez, Soth, Toney
5th.–Josh W. Eric St. Rob
5th.–damian E. Ron M, Som D.
7th.–Cris N. Mike B. Robin T.
7th.–Sean N. Jason N. Bobby

Yo i like to give out thanks to all the players that made it here fun the 1st nite i hope to see all the players here Sat early.

Low numbers because alot of States could not make it.:frowning:

But Sat will be off the hook.:evil:


damn, ricky, arturo, and julian! That is unstopable:eek:

I will be there bright, and early tommorrow for sure. I gotta see some of my out of town friends i haven’t seen in a while



Freaken Ricky leaves Ca 2 go win a summer jam 2 was up wid dat?? SNugz…lol… But yea umm ricky wen you comming back? Or is arturo rappin you in the but…lol jk…by the way when is nec?SO i can get time off from work…


ricky rejects short jumps like its nothing… fuckin esp…

I can’t make it for team marvel today but I’ll be back tomorrow to rape everyone in the regular tourney…




ricky es dominatrix


the corruption begins…

eddie, can you say cf money game?


1.Ricky Ortiz and Arturo S.
3.Reagan Phillips(prez)

Lame how ricky lost to arturo on purpose in winner finals so he can beat prez in losers finals. Prez should have got 2nd. Ricky and Arturo didnt even play a finals match.
1.Rick Mears
2.Desmond Pinkney
3.Ricky Ortiz
4.Damian Eklund
5.Brandon Deshields
5.Julian Robinson

Ricky lost badly in both winners and losers finals. Sanford lost early and quit.


If sanford only had 1 loss and quit, and didnt even play to his second loss thats fucking retarded…


Yeah he got beat badly by brandon in mvc2 and to ricky in cvs2 and he just wuit i think.



yup, that is quite unstoppable


NIIICcce Man!!!


why can’t prez beat Ricky O?
i thought he’s better than him?


cvs2 was total bullshit, motherfuckers have arturo beat ricky on purpose just so that pussy doesnt fight prez in the losers cause he knows he was gonna lose to prez. thats bullshit. they didnt even play the finals, assholes. if i ran that shit i wouldnt have given them any money for being dickless bastards.


Yes i agree they were bitches, i was so glad that ricky got raped in mvc2 by a philly player.


Man, It was a great tourney!!:cool: Sanford and Jeron Dominated in the team CvS2 tournament.

The reason that I went was because of Smash Bros. Melee(which eric cancelled) :bluu: ,but it was a great experience in Philly.

Yo tell me why when we left…We missed the Midnight train:eek: We ha in wait in th train station till 5:00am. (Sanford was sleeping like a baby) :lol:

…I’m coming to get you!!!


what are the A3 results ?


I dont know how I got on shoryuken, let alone got online…trying to clear smoke out of my guest room…vancouver’s got some top tier cheeba…but everything else sucks…but cheeba…yummy…yummy…uh…why didn’t TEAM UP IN SMOKE not win in cvs2? Dammit…must burn one in honor of you fools…I still feel bad about mashing Som’s fingers…must burn another to not be depressed and kill myself…Rick Mears won his second tourney…calls for a celebration…will burn one in your honor you little punk ass (too good too good)…

DAMIAN!! When I get back to philly we HAVE to plan a trip down van c.

anyways…I gotta go…bought WAY too much chronic for my own good…i swear a dollar goes ALONG way when you’re surrounded by canucks…GO DOLLAR!!


A3 Results:

  1. Ricky Ortiz (V-Sak, A-Sim)
  2. Tony [Temujin] (V-Sak, V-Dan, A-Cammy)
  3. Arturo Sanchez (A-Sim, V-Vega, V-Sak)
  4. James Paige [BaltimoreChun] (A-Chun)
  5. Robin Tucker-Drob [Nibor] (V-Cody)
  6. Reagan Phillips [Prez] (A-Sim)

I got the finals and semis on tape so we can all see Temujin break out V-Dan in the finals.

Summer Jam 2 was really damn fun all in all. I was the guy with the camera going around interviewing people with SSP (Chris), also playing V-Cody in A3.

BaltimoreChun is TOO funny after a couple of drinks :lol: :lol: don’t worry everyone, I got that shit on tape!

Oh yeah: Canada = Top Tier :lol:
All of team Montreal was really cool. Gotta give thanks to Temujin and Prez for letting me and SSP stay with them at David Spence’s house. Also gotta thank David Spence cause it was his house. We stayed up one night pretty damn late watching all his tapes of shit like the alpha 3 nationals in USA.


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