CvS2 Team Tourney FFA 7/27

1st Amir/J.C. Melgar
2nd Shogo/Kindebu
3rd DASH/R4 Something (Sorry I forgot; #1 Toronto player)
4th Mike Watson/Hung Han
5th Fortino/TheMuffinMan
5th DEF/Ken I.
7th Don/Damien
7th Dan/Daigo Umehara

Great tourney. Kindebu used C-Honda, Blanka, Sagat until Amir sent him to loser’s in the grand finals. In the end he used his SBO team (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka) which still was not enough to beat the “infamous” Amir. Much props to J.C., DASH, and Hung for putting it down when they had (you had him J.C… had… him…). Dan and Daigo were unfortunately unable to adapt to the sticks quick enough (or just screwed around the entire time). Thx to Shogo and Yi for the tourney all together.

A “Running for Southtown” Production.

Was it Ratio 4 Beatdown?


that seems so wrong…

anyway, it’s Ratio 1 Beatdown, aka roger williams. damn, i can’t wait to get out to cali tomorrow.

R4 something? LOL. Man, I couldn’t remember the name for some reason either. I kept saying R1 something and people kept telling me. Man, I was tired. Next time, I won’t just let Amir carry the team. R.U.N.ning 4 Southtown!

It was fun playing the Japanese players, but kinda messed up that they didn’t adapt to the sticks. I swear they were humoring us and at EVO, they’ll come out hard. Poor guys. They just wanted to sleep. Nonetheless, it was dope. Casual matches against Kindebu, Dan, and Daigo were cool too. Amir vs. Kindebu = EVO expectation. That was too good. Peace.

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The name is Roger Williams aka Ratio1beatdown.