CvS2 teams at EVO East?

Just wondering if there will be a team tournament for CvS2 either in the main room or the BYOC room.


if there are enough people are interested i can try running one in byoc or a hotel room or whatever

2v2 each person gets a team or 3v3 each person gets a character would be the way to go

Sounds good to me.

Hopefully people will be down.

yeah where gonna run some matches in the hotel. money and casual if you guys are interested hit me up.

Sounds good.

We can do a team money match if you guys want, 3v3 one character per person. I just gotta check with our squad but I know one of them is down for sure.

word id interested too

MD rooms will have CvS2 running all the time.

Me, Rugal B, and Steve Harrison will be taking all sorts of money matches, individually.

Post up some ideas, we may run some team shit too.

Min, if you’re still staying with us, you can get in on the cash too!

i want one money match against steve in cvs2

i want to see exactly how long i can not hit the guy

w0rd ! 2/3 $20 ?

and biggzy we still have our MM…need to settle the old school lag beef :rofl:

and good luck master bubz…you will need it haha

All day.

hey guys, i know most of you don’t know me (yet), but I’m MORE than down on getting in as much CvS2 as possible. Min knows me from TGA ranbats. I actually posted up a MM thread too, so if you guys want to get in a couple of those, i’m down. I’m also gonna have another CvS2 exclusive player from my area with me, who doesn’t post here.

PM/AIM me and we can exchange #'s or something.

OK, since it doesn’t really look like CvS2 teams is going down, do you wanna run FL v. MD?

IIRC, Flash was talking shit at FRX about how FL can own MD in every game… you guys wanna run that? Me/Rugal/Steve v. you guys? $50 a head?

Actually it was more like MD said they own us in every game when that is clearly isnt the case also how is running a team match in cvs2 proving that you guys are better in every game?

Like I said at FRX

Marvel FL>MD FREE!!!
3S Who knows
CvS2 overall MD probably has it but it aint free thats for damn sure

And just about every other game is more than likely FLs

But anyways back to business

20/head 1 character person 2/3 or 3/5 which is fine

Why not just play Flash straight up instead of trying to get paid off of Steve and RugalB’s work?


yeah I wanna see flash vs havoc…DO IT !!! :tup:

I played Flash at FRX. I lost in tournament after doing some bonehead shit, but I beat him for $$$ right afterward. I’ll play him for cash at Evo East too.

How about it?

3/5 for $50?

Parappa- You too? I saw you beat Ski at FRX, how about playing me straight up instead of trying to be Spliff Star?

I’ll play you for however much you want.

And yeah, I can’t say shit about other games; I don’t play them. I can try to broker some 3S shit though. Khang/Eric Lee v. two of you? Don’t hold them to that, I’m just throwing that out there.

ill do that aswell

ps - whats so funny?..

who wants to be part of team higher cvs2

I played Flash at FRX on E. Does that count?

EDIT- Yeah, and SNAAAKE I don’t know what you’re laughing about. You’re gonna get fucking raped.

You can print this page out and bring it with you. You’re gonna get worked.

I’ll give you odds. I have to win 3 games, you only have to win 2. How about that?

I won’t be at Evo East. I swing through VA on the regular though. Maybe next time I’m up we can get it done. i’ve always wanted to chill with an imitation Fabolous. :tup:

EDIT: WTF? A hotel full of dudes and you’re poppin tabs? No sir, bets off. You’re a little too free with that “rape”