CvS2: The Turtle Thread


This is not an anti-turtle thread. This thread is here to promote turtling. It would be nice to see this take off with real turtle strategies and so on.

So, what are your favorite grooves and characters for turtling?

Any funny stories? Anything notable to say about turtling that is pro turtle? Do you think extreme turtling is a viable tactic in this game?

lets get this thing rolling… :evil:


Honda is the turtle god. I don’t turtle with many characters, but with him, its just too effective to not do.

The trick to turtling is to be patient really. Make them bring the fight to you. Only problem with turtling is really good rushdown can usually break it. That essentially forces you to try to rush them down.


Honda is? shit i didnt know that, i usally go on the offensive…
Ken is a good turtle i think, wait, let opponent jump in. Dp thats it.


I use P groove so turtle all you want, haha. your anti-airs become nothing so I get free cross-ups and jump ins, yay. :slight_smile:


In terms of turtling, Yamazaki and Honda are WAYYYY good at turtling. Honda can just RC headbutt shit and Yama can do like QCB+K to build meter and just pounce when it’s right.


If there is anything that I learned from watching the excellent games at evo, it is this:

Learn the turtle. Learn how to do it, learn how to break it, and learn to use it when most effective.

Most of the top players used turtle at some point in the game.

My favorite turtle was the japanese ryu that would get in real close range and start shooting out roll-canceled fireballs in a very quick sequence to run the clock down. There was also a blanka turtle that did about the same thing by RCing the electricity in short bursts. His opponent was in the corner taking chip damage, and couldn’t do anything but block (or get hit) while the time ran out.


thats stupid…so what if they dont jump?your whole ken turtle is ruined…


how would you roll cancel the electricity?


Roll your fingers across… lp,mp,hp,lp+lk,hp you come out with a roll cancelled hp electric. (takes five punch imputs… makes sure it’s lp+lk second to last)



thats stupid…so what if they dont jump?your whole ken turtle is ruined…

LOL how many losers did u fight kid, Every one jumps to try too kill you as fast as possible… Before you open your mouth, Get some skills then Talk to me. By the way a turtle has to wait for the person to attack right, if they dont jump then you dont do anything but charge your meter away from them. Shit like i said Get your mind right then you can reply to what i said.:lame:


d00d, emporer, if people are ONLY jumping in on you, and don’t learn after one, at max two dragon punches, not to jump in, then those are the loser players that you’re playing. You need something viable for each situation vs. a character.

Example, turle Honda vs. Iori… charge d/b. If Iori jumps in, f+lp for the weak headbut (the perfect anti air). If he rolls in, throw him. If he throws a fireball, f+hp to sail over and nail him with a fierce headbutt. And if he walks/runs up, is very good and offers little risk at such a time. If you REALLY expect people to just jump at you all day… then either you’re delusional or they are the worst players I’ve ever seen.



honda can turtle, but only against some players. i think he would have trouble against a turtling shoto, anyone with a mid range fireball, or some one with a double reppuken. those are the fireballs that he cant sail over. now, if he rc’ed the headbutt, then thats completely different. an rc’ing honda, or turtler, is dangerous. even though i hate them, its effective, and it wins. just wish i could rc on command.


Quote:**If he rolls in, throw him. If he throws a fireball, f+hp to sail over and nail him with a fierce headbutt. **

I understand the sailing over iroi ground wave with a fierce headbuttt, thats pretty simple to know but when you said if he rolls throw him, what if the opponent knows how to roll cancel into a super not once but two or more times… But whats the chance of that happening huh? But i was waitng on what that kid who flamed me first was gonna say whats his face muay ninja some shit like that. I wanna see what he says since my comment was so stupid.

then either you’re delusional or they are the worst players I’ve ever seen.
How can you know what ppl i played if you have you have NEVer seen them before… Last time i checked you were not God or anything of that nature. I dont know where you play but the ppl in Chinatown fair Ny have some of the best players in Ny maybe around the country , like i said before kid if u wanna defend someone defend your self. THe delusional part makes no sense, if i was crazy… 1 i would not be typing to you right not cause i would be in a straight jacket with tape over my mouth or a muzzle ,2 i would not be playin CvS2 cause i would try to bite people and piss on the buttons.
Lol you know im just joking right…


That’s actually kinda funny. I play P Groove and my turtling is annoying as shit. My P Rock is the the most annoying turtle.

My friend gets pissed off when he’ll play a K Sagat and get MAX, then I just play turtle/runaway because he can’t do anything about it.


heh yeah. the most annoying thing in the game is when someone just sits there and plays a good runaway game. and P turtles are extra mean because they can stop any jump-in attempts.


I def agree with that a p gorve turtler is pretty annoying to beat. You really want to piss some ppl off use R4 Gief in P grove and turtle and watch how much the game changes. A full bar and you turtel just dont jump in.



When you roll cancel in this game it’s from the first 3 frames of a roll. When you see a actual roll that is next to you, you can throw them the hell out of it… this is easy to do when you’re turtling. If they’ve roll cancelled something, you don’t get a roll animation, just the invincibility string. And if they didn’t roll close enough for you to throw them, you can still into hp hundred hand slap (yes this combos if you know how to do it right) at the end when they still have vulnerable frames before they can attack. If you really want to know how all the rolling works, read Chensor’s full guide to all this stuff. Point being, if you can see the roll animation, you can throw them out of it.

BTW, roll cancelled super combo doesn’t take on the invincibility properties of the roll either if that’s what you were trying to get at. It stops the invincibility string that the game was still keeping track of (why the specials RC’ed maintain invincibility).

And I don’t care who you play with, if somebody jump in… and gets hit… and jumps in… and gets hit… etc, and never adapts trying to NOT get hit, which would mean NOT jumping in, then they’re friggin stupid because any old scrub who an ground-touching AAA move could beat them. The way for them around this jumping in is a just defense or more effectively, a parry… but in such a case you wouldn’t be nailing them then, huh?

AND, if by super you meant Iori roll cancelling his fireball (a special), then here’s the other part. The invincibility follows a seperate string in the game than the move which you are performing. The invincibility in that move lasts just as long as the invincibility from the roll would. It should be over by the time you hit him. And if he is still invincible by the time your headbutt reaches him… you just sail right through, not just sitting next to him for a free shot.



I think another good turtle strat is faking. You make it look like you are going to do something when in fact you are doing something else to make them counter in a way they would if you had done it.

Simple Example:

You’re playing Ryu or Ken. Do a fireball motion and press short of example. This may make your opponent think you are doing a fireball, when in fact you pressed short and no fireball will come out. He may jump. In which case you can punish him for jumping since you are prepared and laughing.

Anyways you guys are covering most other areas, this is the only thing I didn’t see that’s a useful turtle tactic.

Hope that helped :lol:


heh, yeah. thats old school dude. its called baiting. been around forever


Hehe… Yes it is old school tactics. It wasn’t mentioned in the post, so I added it :smiley: