CVS2: Throw setups

I’m looking for universal or character specific throw setups. Even command and super grabs. I know it’s easy to tech hit in this game but throws are important to help keep turtlers in check. Please share any tips and tricks you have used to land these throws.

I’ll start:

crossup kick, wiff standing jab, throw

There’s A LOT of throwing in CvS2 because of rolling. Just roll and throw:lol: Playing against C-Yamazaki is really annoying once he has meter because usually he can just roll and either do command grab, super grab, or guillotine. Not wanting to get hit with guillotine there’s a natural tendancy to block.
Neways, tick throws work pretty well in this game, especially if you have characters with fast walking speeds like Chun Li and Vega; with most characters you can just do crouching short to tick and then walk up and throw. Simple as that. I guess for a more specific throw setups with Zangeif you can cancel c.short or s.short into RBG and this is pretty hard to escape if you don’t do it too often.

Zangief: I like to l.jabx2, l.short, wiff his greenhand then 360 P or K.

akuma: l.short, l.jab, s.short xx dp+k grab in air.

Chen has a good post on this in the other thread, i’d use that as a starting point.

He didn’t say much except throws are counters to blocking. I’m looking for ways to land them.

what i usually do when i play vice(im sure this applies to other characters too) is cross over lk, then c. lk, c. lp. (shoulder bash, whip if it connects)do that a couple times to get them use to blocking. after they start getting use to blocking, ill start doing cross over lk, pause, command grab. once they catch on to you grabbing them and they try to poke you as soon as your land from your cross over, go back to the c. lk, c.lp to get them use to blocking again.

on grounded opponents without a good wakeup, i tend to dash in then grab.

This is kinda off topic, but how do you release a multiple hit throw?(ie Blanka’s chew?) I’ve accidentally done it a few times but I’m not sure if it’s just the opponent mashing harder than me = P.

not really a tip, but i do know taht cammy is very good at throw games once she decides to stop poking

This is slightly off topic, but how are you suppose to be thinking when you’re fighting against a Iori or Kim who rolls and throws a lot? I use N or C Ryu, Chun, Gouki, Blanka mostly.

i throw a lot, i mean a lot. i even walk half away across the screen, maybe crouch once or twice, then walk up and throw. good throws usally come after breaking simple combo strings or poke strings that people allways do that have jabs and shorts. i don’t agree that there is a defence, unless you know your opponent or train with people who throw a lot, then it comes as uncanny responces, thats what good about throwing.