CVS2 Tier question


Since the CVS2 threads are kinda empty I figured id post here in the dojo. Ive played CVS2 for a long time and i understand the wiki tier list, but i was wondering if there is a current one or is that pretty much it? I main C Blanka/ Guile/Chun and i get beasted on by a great Ryo player here in Charlotte. Eventhough he very strong and has a diverse move set i would of put him as one of the top “shotos” in the game. Why is he so low on the tier list? Are there any more debatable positions on the tier list also?


tier’s pretty much set (I believe not much has changed on the Wiki tier.).

dunno on why Ryo’s bad, but compared to the other shotos (especially people like Ryu/Ken/Sagat) he doesn’t have much. Air fireball is horrible compared to say, Akuma. His DP is passable, but again, all the other Shotos pretty much have a better DP.

I personally hate this version of Ryo. He lacks his command parry (never knew the name of it.) and his normals aren’t all that great. I guess when compared to everyone else, Ryo lacks a lot of tools but just enough to not be trash.

EDIT: I also should note that even though the tiers are the way they are, pretty much anyone can do some justice in a team.


ryo sucks
if your friend makes you feel ryo is top tier then he’s reading you like an open book
improve your technique and forget about tiers


It would help put things into context if you specified what groove Ryo was being played in and what this player was doing to beat you.

Ryo’s uppercut isn’t half bad, but he’s definitely not the strongest “Shoto” in CvS2 by any standard. His fireballs and pokes are nowhere near as good as many of his other SNK chums, and I don’t recall him having too many great options for setting up combos into super. As the SNK pseudo-Shotos go, Terry, Rock, Kyo, Iori, and even Yuri all tend to yield better returns than Ryo as a general rule. (I hesitate to say Athena because outside of S she’s not really all that great; her fireball is decent and her c. fierce is surprisingly bullshit, but she’s not nearly as obnoxious without red life unlimited shield super.)

Tier lists aren’t really your problem here. If you can provide more information on how Ryo is beating you, I’m sure that some solution can be found to counter most of Ryo’s crap. The team you said you play is a solid upper-mid C-Groove team, so at least against Ryo you should have the advantage with any of your characters. You probably just need to tighten up your play a bit and do your homework on what little bullshit Ryo possesses so that you can start countering it.


You’re confusing losing with tiers, which usually comes from overestimating yourself.
Thinking if someone is beating my good characters with “X” then “X” most be as good as my characters.

Ryo isn’t to great in CVS2 so whoever you are playing either knows ryo better than you know your characters or is just that much better than you. I mean hes not complete trash but hes in the right spot on the tier list.


skills pay the bills. his skill level was probably better. co-sign with reed, would be nice to know which groove he was using.


Tiers only come into discussion when the skill level of the players is even, which doesn’t sound like the case. You play a solid team, keep at it.


yuri>ryo imo


why ryo isnt that great

-horrible jump range. he hardly jumps anywhere. try it out.
-lack of good pokes
-doesnt have much usable combos without comboing into supers


Excellent stuff…all the info is great


does the top tier “bison” mean boxer or dictator?




The japanese are getting funky with their N gooves and Vices’ and such but the top are pretty much Bison, Sagat, Blanka, Sakura all in A aside from Sagat being in C. Look how happy Bison and Sagot are in their portraits. They know whats going to happen and they are ready for it.

I like Kyo in run grooves. He is fun to play and has pretty dangerous mixups. His pokes aren’t the best for sure, but I like him somewhere in the middle or slightly higher.