Cvs2 @ Tilt!!!!

whats up with no more snk2 at tilt?! this is way lame!
thats all i have to say. i nearly fainted last friday when i went and saw a grossly oversized kofxi in cvs2’s spot.

Yeah well, I mean it was never working right anyway. I wish it was there I like that game but oh well.

good advice

KOF XI you say…

Kof Xi > Cvs 2

Except for the few times when the 360’s were messed up, when was it not working? I’m actually curious about this statement, because I almost never see you there, and i’m there 4 times a week, and I’ve touched that cabinet at least once within the week.
If it there was a legit problem with the cabinet, you should complain to someone in the store who could have actually fixed it instead of complaining in a thread.

Does suck that we traded KOF for CvS2 though.

agreed, always let whoever’s working there know when there’s a problem, because they’re really good about getting shit fixed.

umm kay, look I wasn’t trying to hate. But everytime I went (which yes was semi-random) it wasn’t working (either A the 1p side couldn’t block db left. Or two player side could not always jump any direction but straight up) If you guys fixed it awesome! I like tilt alot and have nothing against anyone who works there.

Also as for telling people last time I was there (for the T5 marvel tourney) the cvs 2 cabinet was acting up, I told someone and no one attempted to fix it. I don’t know if you guys are supposed to do that right away or whatever, if not it’s not really any big deal. Like I said, I’m not trying to start some random shit. Much Love to the tilt and people play there, PSU player Tilt player bullshit is dumb imo.

psu playaz 4 lyfe!

Sorry, didn’t mean it to come off as sounding like a flame, that wasn’t my intention. I just hate seeing stuff like “x is always broken” when i know it wasn’t (at least, wasn’t for long that is)
all good.

Cool man. All Cool.

Huh. Oddly enough, for all the KoF I see over here, this thing of KoF XI has yet to appear in the local arcades I frequent. How is it?

probably garbage. but i’m sure all the scrubby mexicans and fobs will love it.

They had KOFXI at SBO… it’s probably the best KOF game I’ve seen, but it still seems reallllllllllllly mediocre. If I was a SNK fan I’d start taking up collections to help fund their art department.

Learn Kula and Oswalt.

they have lots of stuff at sbo…

i hope someone burns tilt down for this grave injustice.

yea kof XI was fun for lik 1 week nows its garbage. kula/oswald/gato are fuckin broken.

yea cvs2 not being at Lloyd is gay

everyone who used to play snk2 should show up in da basement of psu and play snk1. lolz

where the hell is alpha 3 so i can rape with my classic sodomiser

Wow tilt getting rid of CvS2 for KOF is ultragay. Especially since every KOF cabinet in the US ever sucks fucking balls.

im actually not so disappointed that snk2 is gone now cause id rather go to megagamers and play on my stick or at least a stick that works and doesnt have a heavy spring in it. hsibrad, fatbear, kabukimono and the players at psu all are probably the best in oregon anyway…