CvS2 to be released next week on PSN (No online and STILL with input lag)


This kills whatever fucking hope this game had of a proper revival.
Fuck Capcom


Input lag … are we talking compared to the dc version or is there a separate lag just for ps3. Meaning Is it identical to ps2?


mad lag on ps3 version, I think it has to do with the it emulating the ps2 hardware


thats disgusting


The input lag is noticable when JD’ing. I also can’t link basic shit properly, unless I rely on muscle memory instead of reaction, which is… well, a really bad habit. I play K-Morrigan/Athena/Blanka mostly, but others as well. Felt like I was playing on a poorly maintained cabinet… T’was lame as fuck.

This is from the Japanese PSN version, which I’m going to assume is the same.


bro I love your profile pic, source?



Damn input lag ah well if this helps them re-release CvS2 HD or CvS3 then I guess I’ll buy


Though I’d rather see a SvC2 than a CvS3, mostly because I like KoF13 more than anything that Capcom has put out in the last decade, regarding fighting games. Hyper Alpha? Hyper Anniversary? Capcom Fighting Jam? SF4? MvC3? SFxT? Fuck that… CvS2 was their last good game.


Shitty Fighter 4 gets updated every year, with the most shitty engine / physics / models / everything, and CvS2, the game with THE best engine and mechanics EVER is treated like this…


I think this is as good as we’ll ever get. Unless it’s a HUGE hit on PSN which I doubt, we probably won’t see an OE update any time soon.


-gets excited at frontpage news, then looks in here-

One word then… LOL!


Isn’t PS2/DC/Arcade all the same on input lag? It would only be PS3 that lags more.


DC is better than ps2, but in regards to lag, it has to do with the ps3 emulating the ps2 hardware


Yeah, DC runs “Closer to arcade” than PS2, but since that game is so… well… inconsistent, it’s hard to define. The game speed and input lagged differently from cabinet to cabinet. It was so weird.

I mean, I didn’t notice it… I’m going by what Ricky Ortiz said when he went from NYC to California and said the cabinets felt smoother there compared to NYC… and then some others on SRK said the same, where the game potentially felt different from cabinet to cabinet.

PS3 emulation has lag. It’s very noticeable when trying to JD or do tight 1-2 frame links. Sakura’s CC feels accurate, but then again, I don’t go by timing on that one… I just go fucking ape shit and input a bunch of DPs…


All this will be doing is make me pull out my Dreamcast again and play CvS2 on that instead.


Was wondering where that thread went.


FYI guys, So it's on the JP PSN store

Yes, there’s lag, but it’s still playable.


They’ll gimp the american psn version just like they did the D&D collection of those two games as well. Japan of course got the much better version of that too because lol screw american japan always #1 dat pride issue japan has. And I’m sure you’ve noticed capcom does this shit a LOT.


Gimp how? It’s a port of the PS2 version… Nothing to “gimp” about…

Also, Capcom’s likely not going to remake the game.

As said there, though I don’t now how relevant that is anymore.