CvS2: to RC or to Parry...?

i’m trying to decide whether to learn how to roll cancel consistently, or to hone my parrying reflexes/skills. which would probably be the better investment of practice time…?

sure, RCs can be used in 3 grooves. but P-groove becomes very difficult to stop with higher level parrying. the top players here use P-groove and N, but the RCs in N are limited.

(if it’s any use, characters i’ll be playing with include Ryu, Zangief, Hibiki, Kyosuke, Eagle, Yamazaki, Guile.)

First, drop Kyosuke. Second… I would suggest P-groove (only because it’s my favorite groove). Roll cancels cannot get past a good parrying player, and some of the players that you have there (Hibiki comes to mind) are very good in P-groove.

Just Defend that shit down.

lol. i need an oddball here and there. besides i like his L3.

  • Ryu’s supposed to be very strong in grooves with Run, but have there been many good P-Ryus…? any vids?

  • Zangief’s RC 360+K seems very difficult to get out consistently. is it worth it the practice? is it even possible to do consistently…? i hear about RCd KK lariats but i’d rather use the PP lariat; isn’t that much easier? and isn’t parrying into SPD good anti-air as anything else…?

  • why is Hibiki good in P? (i only saw an A-groove thread)

cause she can just sit there on her meter and turtle and parry all day… hibiki is a bitch and i hate her :mad: sorry…just past fustrations playing her. :confused:

Nah, it’s because one of her major weaknesses (outside of a good Bison) is someone with a ground projectile that zones her out. Parry eliminates that problem altogether.

I’m also having this problem.

yes, I couldn’t quite decide to use P or N…

but your right, hibiki had her qcf+fierce to get rid of projectiles but it’s just much easier to deal with P.

I also use honda, I’m still having some trouble using him in P groove, not quite sure what to do with him in P. Can you guys help me out?

thanx, much appreciated, peace out :slight_smile:

I don’t play Honda, but I know that if you have a charge charged up, and you parry something, press punch immediately afterwards, and you should throw out the charge move, i.e. if you are charging back, then you parry a fireball, pressing punch would throw out the headbutt.

parry man parry. rc’ing consistantly no matter with how much practice is just too damn hard. parrying gets easier once you get used to it. even easier to do if you were once a k groove animal like me.

but anyways, i don’t find that the inability to run in p groove is not that much of a disadvantage since you can parry and short jump. all of the characters you mentioned are all good in p i think. exept for yama, he already has counters and i think that he really does need a run or atleast a roll because that fucker is so damn slow. and i guess kyosuke would be fine in p being that he sucks in general, i guess parrying would give him a slight edge… very slight

my team in p is, guile, akuma or rock, and a ratio 2 bison. not because bison needs a parry, but because no one beats my bison. i think that any character that has speed would be kick ass in p like nak, benimaru, shotos, vega, bison, and so on. i say that because since you can’t run, slow characters can’t get in fast enough and you can’t parry too well if you stay too far away. sure there is always defensive parrying, but without a quick way to get in, its gonna be a long match.

well yea, I Parry then I do his Super charge up. But they either block or roll or just shoryuken it.

Also the problem I have with it is I tend to get anxious and I hate waiting so long for it to charge up the meter =/

well, I still gotta work on parrying though.

What’s the best move to use for honda/hibiki if you parry in the air?

btw, I use chun(1r)/hibiki(1r)/honda(2r). The problem seems to occur with the meter because it takes so long… Guess i’m too anxious to 2in1 her super. I was also wondering what you guys thought about this team? it’s fairly good on p right?

two words: p cammy

P-groove Geese is real good ( but, not as good as K ).

With Hibiki:

If you parry in the air, and they’re still grounded, go for a combo starting with MP, FK, or FP.

If they’re in the air and you parry, Hibiki’s best air-to-air move is FP. Use that.

I agree with Mummy-B. Just defend that shit.

Ratio 4 K-Groove Geese… :slight_smile: woooooot!

i saw the K vs P discussion thread but i had jus one quick question.

isn’t parrying somewhat riskier than JDing? if you hit back early you still block, and JDs can be performed low. why then are JDs rewarded with a sliver of life?

plus K has runs, a 35% attack and defense bonus upon rage. what’s P got that’s so good? besides

  • a meter to sit on
  • no bounce effect like after an air JD

well, if you mistime your JD and do it late you can still get hit. you can parry low also. with parry, when you parry you have no block stun so you can imediately counter attack right after your parry. you get so little life back from a JD, it’s pretty much inconsequential.

when parrying supers, you can parry the first hit and jab them out of it. when JD supers, if you just defend the first hit you must either block the rest of the hits or JD the rest of the hits.

wow. i’m such a n00b. i didn’t even realize JDs didn’t cancel blockstun.

thanks :slight_smile:

JD don’t cancel blockstun completely, but it does shorten the blockstun you’re in. you can still retaliate with a move if it comes out fast enough.

After a JD, just throw that shit :lol:. I used K groove because imo its easier to JD then it is to Parry and I feel it has more advantages but thats for another discussion. As for to learn p groove or rc, well it depends on how good you can be at rc’ing. A good n groove player who can rc like a mad man is just a big a threat if not bigger than a p groove player. It just all depends on how good you can be at it, neither is easy to learn but both can be beneficial. My advice? Just JD that shit.:lol:

You can hit back after a parry, for one, whereas with a JD you are still in block stun for a few moments. Sides, that rage mode doesn’t do much good when your opponent sees you reach it and makes sure you never get the chance to really use it to its fullest advantage.