CVS2 : Todo Galore

Ryuhaku Todo…
Has Long hair…
Wears a Skirt…

Important Moves.

  1. C.HP : A very good high Priority AA. Strong Too. Beats most Normal Aerial moves.

  2. Light Kasane Ate : B&B with light Kasane Ate. Recovers fast, cancels fireballs.

  3. Medium and Heavy Kasane Ate : Choose which to hit opponents jiggling the stick, to hit jumping opponents. To hit Opponents you just AA out of the Air, they may block of course, but a few dots off their life bar doesn’t hurt, for you. TO hit fireballers from afar, especially Sagat :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Command Grab (Not called a Tatsumakisouda) : B&B. Run and grab, Run and grab for a vacuum cleaner effect.

  5. DF MK : Distance well, and you hit with the Tip of your foot, or sweep someone just as he lands from a jump. Time well, and you’ll hit a Fireballer just as you catch their feet.

  6. S.MP : Fast Poke. To use when Running into someone. Then do it again.

  7. Cho Kasane Ate : Only the Level 3 is Full screen and invincible at Start up. However if you are playing C-Groove, it would be better to do Level 2 and taunt at thr 6th hit for another few hits, This way you save a Bar. BUT, level 3 moves so fast, it hits opponents halfway across the screen jumping upwards.


  1. Kasane Ate from a reasonable distance until opponent wants to come close. Then Go close range and throw MPs. Important thing is to Command Throw the guy. Once that starts, you have many options…

a. Go into your B&B of C.MP -> Light Kasane Ate
b. Walk forward, do a light punch, then Command throw again.
c. Straight away do your Cho Kasane Ate.

  1. In Corners, C.MP -> Light Kasane Ate -> Standing MP

  2. People playing against Todo usually try to cross him up more because of his inability to reliably retaliate. In which case, you learn to Run Forwards and then do an attack. Most people have a if I don’t block i will get hit Phobia, but actually if you run away you’ll be quite safe.

  3. His Air Kasane Ate can hit people who are standing. So you can do a jump into a Kasane Ate to pressure them (Tiger Knee Kasane Ate) Or Jump and Kasane Ate, which means that if they did an AA, they’d get hit.

Hmmmm, what to say but stay careful.

Anybody have problems using Todo? Someone here could help…

Hey, after command grab, you should do c.fierce into L.3 cho kasane ate, never misses. But don’t do it near the corner, 'cause you’ll only get around half the damage that the L.3 cho kasan dishes out…


Extra Damage Always Welcome!!!

I never tried that before!!! Wow, I always thought that at most it was Command grab -> C.MP -> C.Kasan.

Okay Guys

Also, LP -> LK -> Cho.Kasan Works too.

And you know how his counter goes, Do in Between Patterns

Like Sagat’s clk, clk, cmk, Ground tiger shot. Do your Kuzu Otoshi between the clk and cmk. Pfwing Grab, Throw, Belly Punch, Fan Pointy Thingy.

Here it is, for someone who asked.

Here what is?

Oh yeah, and Todo rules in s-groove in critical life. Do super wave, super wave, super wave, until they get kinda close, then stand and charge. If they jump in, watch and super wave if it’s an empty jump, or counter if they telegraph any attack. Don’t do super waves random though, cause they’ll roll right through and toss you. Oh yeah, and follow up every super counter with a super wave, cause it’ll do block damage and push them to other side of the screen.

As seen in Mr.Mem’s latest Combo vid, the DP+P can hit tall characters on the ground. This isn’t that useful, but still…

Oh yeah, and todo beats fireball-happy sagat players. Fierce wave for low tigers, f+mk for high ones. Just watch out for all pokes/specials/supers, lol

Oh yeahhh

I forgot about this combo…

Opponent at Corner :

Light Kasane Ate -> S.MP -> Light Kasane Ate

For 7 hits.

Can someone confirm if another S.MP into a Cho Kasane Ate would hit? or even just another S.MP after that resulting in 8 hits?

Before I say anything, for people who are just skimming through…

J.SHORT has insane priority. Keeps people cornered and doubles as a crossup. It’s mullet madness!

Although most will agree that Todo’s strongest groove is A, he’s a pretty solid character in any groove, especially those with run.

When the round starts with Todo, I have two things on my mind. Building meter and corner lockdown.

The meter comes easily, as his waves (QFC+P) build a shitload. The corner lockdown is where the real fun begins.

Cornering your opponent with Todo is trickier than it is with say…Kyo or Cammy, the God and Goddess of cornering respectively - So I’m really not going to flatter myself in thinking that my technique is anything that other people don’t already know. Just j.shorts into chains ending with waves, and command grab into the normal of your choice into wave super. Luckily, the wave super really gives your opponent a ride accross the screen and does the work for you.

Fortunately, keeping your opponent cornered is easier than getting them there. I typically start with a low forward into jab wave. After this, your best bet is to either do another wave (or poke(s) into wave) or jump in with an early short. The wave should stuff most ground retaliations and do chip & guard damage if they decide to keep blocking, while the short will beat anything they decide to stick out, be it aerial or grounded, save Honda’s jab fucking headbutt…

If you decided to do another wave, try to get back in the corner with an sj.short, roll, run jabs, or good old Toward+Forward slide kick.

If you did a j.short, either go for a ticked command grab, or do another pressure string. Something in the vein of c.jab, c.short, c.forward, wave and continue.

If they rolled your j.short, they’ve made it out of the corner, but if you can catch them during vulnerability frames with a Lvl3 wave, they’re well on their way into the opposite corner. That’s what you get for underestimating a character who looks like a roadie for Journey. Bitch.

That’s basically the skeletal Todo cornering game. The key is in mixing it up while anticipating and understanding SF tendancies. Old-schoolers familiar with Sonic Boom and Fireball-Dragon Punch traps should know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re obviously going to have to use more than just that to remain unpredictable (Tiger Knee Air Waves and Lvl 1 Counter Supers), but I hopefully explained the general theory behind it.


Can someone give me some painful Todo CC’s?


  • Geronimo

I just do…

–Ground CC–

Command Grab, Activate, [S.Fierce, C.Fierce] x 9 or until cornered, Jab Wave xx [Strong Wave] x n, super.

The reason for the first wave being the jab version is because its easier to combo it after the fierce.

I know for a fact that there are more damaging CCs than this, like the custom at Gunter’s site for example, but I can’t do that one reliably enough.

For his Anti Air CC, I just activate through their jumpin into the Command Grab and continue the combo normally.


Tragic does: Command grab, activate, s.Fierce x2, c.Fierce, [s.Fierce, Jab Wave] xN, Super at the end, does like 9000+ if you do it corner to corner.

Thanks guys. Hey Geekboy, I tried something like that, but I kept getting too far after the 2nd set of s.hp XX Jab wave, can you help me out?

Thanks again.

  • Geronimo

Make sure you’re doing the s.Fierce, Jab wave part really fast, kinda like a 2 in 1

Goddamn that CC is nasty.


i just started using todo and its tough and i can’t seem to get him to work…

dp+p i dont see how it can hit a standing person or were you talking about jumping qcf + p?

And i think command throw into a super is nice but you have to be full screen and not in the corner or it wont hurt…

and i dont see how doing mutiple qcf p against someone with a roll will work…i guess i have to use it in a non beat matter and be unpredicatble or something…

How should Todo go about fighting Vega?

i think the only good characters in fighting vega are people with a good normal anti air, ex vice, eagle, ryu…

If your Vega is jump happy, you can nail him pretty easily with tiger kneed waves, varying the heights, high if he’s doing that one air claw thing (the thing where he dives at you hella fast from the wall) and low for jump ins and that b,f+p move. Don’t really give into his turtling, really take advantage of Todo’s anti air options and if you can RC his command grab, do so and you’ll get a free AA custom.

Todo also have 2 links. cr.jab links into cr. strong, and cr. jab into cr. forward.

I’m assuming Vega as in the Clawed Dude.

Actually depends, what ratio is your Todo at and what Ratio is the Vega at? Whats your groove and whats his groove?

Anyway. You can still try for his C.HP Anti-Air at Jumping Vegas, except your timing will have to be tight because of the speed of Vega’s Descent. Too early and he’ll kick you. Too late and he’ll kick you. Just nice and you’ll pop him one in the groin.

Turtling Vegas are, what? …NOTHING. You have the Psychological advantage of the Kasane Ate. Too bad we aren’t talking about K-Groove Todo here or else it’s a simple jump in and JD anyway into a Grab (if he flip kicks too early) or J.HK. But basically, it’s you threatening to do your Kasane Ate, so you fake the move a few times, and throw in some real one’s here and there. If he tries to poke you out of range, train to determine when his poke gets out of range and throw in a Light Kasane ate. Or you could jump in anyway, and do the air kasane Ate just before you reach him, if he goes for the flip he’ll get hit. If he doesn’t, then it’s his loss.

One important thing when fighting Vega is the, hmmm, I’ll use smoothness for lack of a better word, of the game. What I mean is, if Todo doesn’t give Vega to stop and take a breath to store his FLips, Izuna Drops, Rolls or anything else, basically he’s left with his Rolls, Hops, Runs Jumps and Pokes. Vega can’t RC into anything unless he stores it, so whats he gonna do? Turtle? Jump at you? Roll…right into your command grab? So after some practice you’ll be able to learn when to immediately jump toward a Vega that juuuussssttt started to Charge his Flip Kick or JUuuuussstt started to turtle, so that you’ll force him to eat some of your moves, bocked or not. He may try to jump away but that just resets the match a bit. Until he reaches the corner…then…heh heh heh.

Again I gotta stress the AA portion of the Game. 3 Things happen

  1. You hit him
  2. He hits you
  3. You trade blows.

I can’t exactly remember about number 3 but for 1 and 3, you ALWAYS have the additional option of the attack.

You see, after you hit him out of the air, immediately do

  1. a Light Kasane Ate, so that he will be forced to block it when he lands, or get hit.

or you can alternatively pause and then
2. a run into a command grab when he starts to wise up and think he can roll through a possible kasane Ate.

of course there’s always
3. Run forward and do your Command grab anyway because he thinks nothings gonna happen he just turtles there for a while.

I know i make it sound simple, but hey, they’re just options. Usually I go for Number 1, because if you time it nicely, you recover before he rolls into you, and you can grab him first. Really, no kidding. Don’t do this to Kim or Iori though. You should know why. Their rolls are practically teleports. Vega’s rolls seem like…uhhh…well… Vega’s rolls. Quite long really.

Ok here’s a problem that I used to face until the obvious hit me (or didn’t) If you’re stuck in the corner and Vega jumps at you, it’s harder to AA him because he relies on the corner wall to ‘Verticalise’ his jump and kick you, making you almost impossible to AA him nicely. WHAT DO YOU DO???

Run forward when you see the jump, then throw/grab/punch/combo him as he lands. It’s always that Phobia of running into a crossover that makes you stay there blocking, but do it anyway. Unless you’re so sure he’ll J.HP you instead of J.HK Just DO It. Even the J.HP isn’t that effective in the corner. Vega’s jump descent is too steep to make his Crossover’s as scary as Ken’s J.MK.

I won’t bother with combos and whatevers, or obvious stuff like ‘Punch him when he’s open!’ so…

In order of Importance

  1. Learn how to AA Vega, and the continuation of it.
  2. Learn how to Psycho a Turtling Vega.
  3. Rush that Shit down when you have the two above set and he’s cowering like a fool.

To many people Vega may be higher tier, but Todo is a steady guy that just doesn’t give a damn.

have you ever played an actually GOOD turtling vega? i’m not one, but i sure have seen a couple. ricky ortiz to name one. i don’t know if you’ll say this sentence again after seeing that.