CvS2 - Top Tier vS. Low Tier


I dont want to seem like I have a millioon threads but I thought this thread would be important for CvS2 players…The topic of how “Top Tier” just dominates low tier is very debateable…Chars like Vice…Terry…Yamazaki…Kim…Yuri…Athena…etc are underrated but good…Post your ideas on what u consider top or low tier and why…also if u play with low tier chars what about your playing style makes them good…Thanks and post away!!!



Well I’m like the only serious Maki player where I play. She’s a fun character and I like her but she seems like it takes a lot of work with her to compete at a tournament level. I think a good turtle can easily break her and that she needs a lot of trickery and mind games to win. But she can run away really well and if you manage to get a lead in health it makes her fights a bit easier since you can run all day and try to bait the other guy to come to you. Right now I’m trying to figure out some setups for that OTW grab of hers and seeing if a Tiger Knee’d air command grab can actually be useful.

I haven’t had a chance to use her in a tournament situation yet but when the next tourney comes around I hope to do well with her.

Any other Maki players out there?


wow i don’t think i’ve seen ANY serious Maki players, but more power to ya man…

about the top tier, low tier. it doesn’t make a difference where the character is in rank, if u r good with a character, u r good. that’s it, i’ve seen vice whoop sagat’s butt.

i guess i’m a low tier kina player because a lot of the people i play are in your low tier category. I think the outcome of matches comes down to your style of play and how good you are with a character, i’d like to see athena beat blanka, haha. but yah, the top tiers aren’t top tiers unless there is a good player behind it. and a low tier can be a top tier if a good player is behind it. that’s all:D !


What ARE you talking about? Yamazaki was practically top tier, everyone should have seen BS from Terry, athena, and Kim by now. Who is underrating them? much less saying low tier lol.


the whole tier system on cvs2 is too complicated to actually rank characters accurately. but there are characters that do have a definite tier, i.e. blanka, sagat, etc. the thing about cvs2 is that is gives the player so many options, that certain characters in certain grooves will have a different rank than if used in other grooves. also, now that rc’ing is being used more and more, there is no definite use for a tier system, since anyone can be top tier with an rc move.

anyway, i like to use the “low tier” characters. like king, yuri, dhalsim, ryo, and chang. i am really starting to put together really good teams using these people, since most people have trouble against them since no one uses them much, thus, they have no experience against them. actually, i wouldnt call them low tier, since the way i play them, they are actually mid tier. i would just call them, unpopular. well, unpopular where i play, i dont know about where you play so dont get all crazy if its the opposite for you.


FMJaguar: I know he’s top tier but some people consider him mid or low tier…I likle using “low tier” chars myself like someone said no one know what they got…so it’s a good advantage…I’d like to see a real good Kyosuke emerge…lol that would be tight…He’s pretty good with roll cancel…



i kno someone with a good kyosuke…
his ID is SSF2T… he’s won many a times with S-groove Kyosuke
and S-groove Dan 2


Chang is top tier. He has a counter for just about any situation. The only trouble really is fast characters like noko, or vega…etc. It is easy to get scared, and start making mistakes, because his moves are so much slower…but this is nothing that jumping away, and busting on them with choi can’t fix.


I think CvS2 is one of those few games where all characters are playable…but some just have bigger inherent weaknesses than others (Vice gets KILLED by Bison, for example) Even Kyosuke and Dan are useable; I’ve used Dan many times to beat people down :smiley: As long as you have a working, viable strategy with some character, then it allows him to be playable.

I also think people give Kim way too much credit. He is good, but not great. I used to play Kim a lot, but many painful lessons against SiN has taught me that Kim has too many flaws for me to play him against top level competition. The only thing Kim can do to be competitive, IMO, is Roll Canceled axe kicks.


I use Maki in serious competition. I used her at Evolution. :slight_smile: Maki is hella good once you get used to her and learn all her tricks.

Tiers are really hard to say for this game, mainly because all characters are protected by the Ratio System. I mean, how bad is ANY character if they are grouped with Blanka and Sagat? As long as you can make that character somewhat annoying, they will always be usable on a team.

But even when you consider 1 on 1, most characters in this game are viable. I agree completely with Yumi that Dan is actually not a bad character. But Kyosuke, I still have no hope for. :slight_smile: I would have to say that about 3 characters fit in the highest tier, a good number fit in the top tier, everyone else is in the playable tier, and then there’s Kyosuke.

Don’t mean to offend any Kyosuke fans out there. :slight_smile: But I just can’t seem to find any hope for that character… :frowning:

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I think kyosuke is acctualy fairly decent.


I wouldnt go so far as to calling them low tiers.Maybe there just very advanced characters.Just like grooves any character can become a force to reckoned with(TOKIDO’S YUN at evolet us rembember that at first p-groove was seen as an awful groove,but it really wasnt awful in fact its the best groove in my opinion,it just takes A LOT more practice and diligince to master.As for Kyosuke he isnt that bad of a charcater,hes pretty descent.


I remember this…You even played one of the Japanese players with Maki and held your own.

Going into Evolution, quite naturally you’re going to see some of the top rated characters (Team Cammy Blanka Sagat), but surprisingly, I saw a good diverse amount of characters used in CvS2 regardless of what tier they were. Chensor used Maki, I used Vice, Cole used Dhalsim, and of course Ken’s Ratio 1 Yun. I’d say 80% of the roster in CvS2 was actually used at Evolution, with a good chunk of those teams played was the player’s “tournament calibur” team. And some of those characters did very, very well.

I do think a lot of these characters in CvS2 have more potential than we give credit for.


I think most characters are usable. You just have to have incredibly good knowledge of your character. Aside from Sagat and Blanka to alot lesser extent… I don’t see other characters on another playing level. I mean Cammy and Bison are both good… but they just don’t have the sheer advantages that Sagat and Blanka do.

I mean look at Sagat… even tho roll canceling hurts his game so drastically… he still is #1 in the game. Blanka is retarded because… its not that he is sheerly naturally as good as Sagat… he is just a play on your reflexes. You have to be fast to fight Blanka… like his low jumps games and his crossup/electric setups as well as know his tricks. Once you get a hang of reacting quickly vs Blanka… it becomes easier to fight him… but that don’t drop him from top 2.


the people that consider him mid-low tier obviously haven’t been cheesed to death by yamazaki. i don’t think i’ve ever hated a character more in cvs2 except vega (claw). roll->super, as you demonstrated pretty well at EVO against KSK (you are Dr. B right?) is still an integral part of the US game :stuck_out_tongue: and Yamazaki has the best roll mixup game out of the whole cast…DAMN HIM. no matter what i do, i get owned b/c of his throw “priority” and his st. rh


By any chance, would anyone know how to do a part of that ridiculous Level 2 super, run stop, combo, run stop, combo etc with Maki in that hypnotic XYZ video?

I know one time he super cancells the Level 2 into a run and stop and the guy is still caught in hitstun animation so he can keep going, but it sure doesn’t look like MEM uses the Final Fight chain of hers.

jchensor certainly plays some rogue characters man… especially at the place like Evolution, more power to you for it though, as with anyone who used “rogue” characters. I didn’t realize so many characters were used there, I am happy to hear so many different characters were used.


Yeah IMO Yama is mos def Top Tier…U throw his on a team with other fun and good chars and thats a recipe for a hot ass whoopin…His RS (Roll-Super) Owns at a good range…I like Yuri but it’s real hard to bring her up to high comp level without having to play extra hard…who knows I might bust her out at EVL03…lol

-Dr.B:cool: Aka Brandon C.


I think the only characters that didn’t get used in tournament play (That I didn’t see) was Dan, Kyosuke, Yuri, Raiden, King, and surprisingly Rock. That’s not to say they weren’t used, as I didn’t look at 100% of the tournament. Too busy playing GGXX at times :slight_smile:

Plus, I would say that among the grooves, N-Groove was used the most. A-Groove came in 2nd, followed by C-Groove, K-Groove, and P-Groove, in that order. C, K, and P were very close throughout, though…Not a single person that I saw played S-Groove…Sorry S-Groove players. :frowning:

I tried Maki months ago, and she seems to have a very high learning curve. Props to anyone running the table with her. Where is this XYZ video?


Hey jchensor, how do you use Maki’s off-the-wall kick/grab moves? To me that off-the-wall grab is just REALLY hard to land. Even setting the opponent up for it seems like a lot of work. And is there actually a use for tiger-kneeing that air command throw of hers?


Chikyuu used Raiden in CvS2. ^^ So even Raiden as used. I’m pretty sure I saw a Rock. And I’d be surprised if no one used Kyosuke. He’s, like, a crowd favorite now. ^^

As for Maki, her Off the Wall moves, for me, are mostly limited to the Jab (jump off the wall) and the Short (drop straight down) versions. I’ll use the grab one in hte corners, when people try to get in on me while I’m running away a lot. :slight_smile: I do the Short Off-The-Wall drop a lot, and people try to move in closer, so I can get them with the Throw occasionally. I almost never use the Kicks (Forward and Roundhouse) though I probably should learn to incorporate them more.

My game comes mostly from the Jab and Short off the wall moves and her Running in both directions and instant Overhead Running Attacks (do Fireball + Forward, Roundhouse… roll fingers from Forward to Roundhouse and you can do an Overhead Running attack instantly without running at all). I basically bait people into getting annoyed with the fact that she runs away a lot.

Oh, and I use the KKK Ditch Move a lot, even though it hurts me. Worth it, in the end, to break momentum of the enemy.

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