CvS2 Tournament @ ACE Amusements in Japan

CvS2 Tournament footage @ ACE Amusements in Japan

Video footage brought to you by TokyoGameAction and Gavin!

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(Read the bottom of the first post for the ACE tourney)

Good god who is that complete faggot who won’t shut his mouth during the Smooth vs. Nestor CvS2 GF?

Thank you very much for the vids, but unfortunately lots of the links don’t seem to work (jwong vs aoki, ich vs otk, laugh vs sagyo, ichi(N) vs iyo, laugh vs crazyasskim, siba vs ricky ortiz, siba vs tokido, c groover vs tokido, a groover vs tokido, mago vs nakanishi, nestor vs nakanishi, bas vs nakanishi, bas vs kok, bas vs rai).

yea most of those japanese matches aren’t working

fix the links!!!

All done, Thanks Vega Red for the specific fixes that needed to be checked.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: your new lord and master??

good thing bas was there to clean up

non of these links seems to work? do u have to be logged in to work?

Samehere. Most of the vids dont work

Sorry the vids have been closed off for the time being, they will be back up asap. :sweat: