CvS2 Tournament @ ACE Amusements in Japan

Heres the link to the videos, say thanks to TGA for the vids! :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

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Right click, save-as” these files only.

(The tourney vids are at the bottom of the first post.)

I am trying to save quite a few vids BUT there are some vids that just says complete but its only records like 33%

Is anyone experincing this as well ?

where’s me kim combo vs iyo’s team at

shit was too hot to keep a secret

that tourney made me realize how homo vega was (LOTS OF HOMO).

thank the lord for eagle and RC blanka. if you play vega, you are a pussy.


vega is dope.

damn, BAS is like unstoppable.

None of the links are working for me =\

same here :confused:

They all work foor me, I downloaded all of them.

CAB is the best cvs2 player ever.

linky no worky for me either.