CvS2 tournament results

First off thanks to Zach for allowing us to have a tournament over there, and thanks to all the participants that showed up. A little light for CvS2, only 9 people (where are all those people that voted?!) But it was a pretty good tournament nonetheless.

**CvS2 tournament on 8/17 - 9 entries

  1. Peachy - C groove Vega/Mai Blanka Sagat
  2. Rat - C groove Sagat Terri/Iori Yamazaki
  3. Chris (Redbull) - K groove Vega Blanka Sagat
  4. Mandel - K groove Kyo Sagat/Geese Cammy
  5. Frank - C groove Blanka Rolento Sagat P groove Vega Rolento Mai
  6. Jmar - A groove Sakura Bison Blanka
  7. Evan - K groove Ken Cammy Sagat
  8. Kenny A groove Honda Vega Sagat
  9. Chris (IceNine) K Groove Chun-Li Hibiki Sagat**

No points for season 2 since that isn’t going to start until after Evo, so I guess this is a pre season game. And sorry if things didn’t go so smooth at times, I’m kinda new at running these types of things.

As far as I know the next tournament is scheduled for 9/7. I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated on that and hopefully we can see a few more heads at the next one. But not too many cause yeah I forgot how long CvS2 can take =D

Zach could we get a sticky on this so it doesn’t get lost in the many threads we have?

There’s the link to the tourney results thread. I actually had fun running Marvel, I didn’t have any problems. It seemed to be not so chaotic, probably since ST wasn’t running. Let’s hope things stay that way. But other than that, everyone was cooperative. I just think it’s gay that someone ate my quarter pounder with cheese cause man I hadn’t eaten all day. Shit’s foul man.

Finally, Rat shows what he’s got. Jmar is still unstoppable. Who’s Ryan Murrell? Whoever ate your burger should be hunted for sport. When you find out who it was, lemme in on that. I’ve always wanted to see whether man truly is the most dangerous prey.

Shame on ST players for being lazy and not running a tournament. And shame on umbrellastyle for slacking on the SBC player profiles. Unlike Nate, Pablo and Julian (from the way he looks), Alex isn’t Mexican. He doesn’t get to sleep on the job.

Yeah. Good tourney.

I’m coming to take the competition down!


You guys are beasts, I was doing ok in casuals but Jmar and Frank just tore me up. The level of play was real inspiring and I can’t wait to play more of these tournaments.

Wha? Peachy didn’t play S-Groove? Damn…

Even though I got destroyed by Jmar and Rat.

YES YES Thanks again ZACH!

Was the tournament fun? Hopefully you guys will have some more after Evo, I’d love to come play.

With all the nasty comments that CvS2 usually gets, the tournament was pretty fun. There were some good matches, and some randomness as well. I do plan on running more so hopefully you guys can come up and play. It would be nice to see more competition in that game, cause i never really followed it that much back in the day.

Sounds good, thanks for running this Frank. I look forward to the next tourney which I will mos def enter.

I should be able to make it to the next one, maybe…

Wow! Frank good shit though on the CvS2 tourney shit. lol!

About time someone came through.

More CvS2 tournaments!

Yes, it’s everywhere! You need a new K Groove av Chris. You don’t even use K Groove Gerald anymore.