CVS2 Tourney at home

Hey i know that not many people know me but i wanted to see how many people would be interested in making a tourney at my House

i have a CVS2 arcade with 360 deg joysticks in a 25" monitor, well i have a couple of more games but just wanted to see who would.

let me know

I live in Santa Ana Ca

i would go if you still live in santa ana

yeah bro i still do, can you get some more pople? let me know

i’m moving this thread. not really posting a tournament, just a discussion for one.

i know a few people trying to get some cvs2 comp

let us know how many people youd have playing and when

by us, i meant me

i have like about 5 to 8 people that will come for sure, so let me know how many are you and when can you come?

we’re about 3 - 4
we usually like playing sat and sun.

usually during the week we work/go to school


where do guys live? can you make it this Sat.? let me know so i can get the crowd over here

i dunno about sat
how bout sun?

we live in we range from 562 323 and 626

entry fee?

well depends, on what you guys want, but lets make it interesting:party:

for sure Sundays i cant, but any other day, i will, for sure

Always up for Sundays!:tup:

cant sundays :/?

how bout next sat?

lets see if we can make this official

how many people can you fit at your place?

next sat. is fine with me

its a two car garage, so a lot i guess

so if sat. let me know so we can make it official and i can tell people over here to and see if we can get more from here

ill tell my people you tell yours

see you there luis :tup:

tell the camerons guys, i bet they’ll wanna go.

will you be able to have room for another set up?
e.g. for a ps2 and smallish tv

just so more people could play at once

let me check bro, cause i will need to arrange everything in there and also i was thinking on making a SSF turbo tourney also, but i havent said anything about that one cause i dont really play it

but let me check on that OK

k cool cuz i can bring extra stuff

sticks, systems, game, maybe a tv,